Lany, Lany, quite contrary…..

By day a research physicist, by night a lover of baking….. cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, papercraft, reading, cooking and too many things to mention!

Anyhow, I hope to sprinkle this blog with my posts about things I love to do, and topics that I have had interesting conversations/thoughts about, sometimes I can be a bit controversial, and sometimes I word things awkwardly hopefully this will become rarer the more I blog!

If you want a general idea of what I like here’s a shortlist:
Alice in Wonderland (I like the Disney and Tim Burton versions, but I prefer the illustrations from the books, there’s a myriad of wonderful variations out there! Love the drawings that look like etchings and any that have a dark haired Alice, and some of my favourite characters are the Cheshire Cat, the Frog and Fish Butlers and the Caterpillar)
Tora Dora (My gateway anime!)
Glittery stuff (….and fluffy stuff and cuddly stuff…and felt stuff and cord stuff….I love textures….)
Fabric, wool, ribbon, buttons…..(My monies! All of my monies!!)
Russian Dolls (Also known as matrushka dolls I believe)
Pushing Dasies (I want to have her body and wear her outfits…in a non-creepy sense)
Criminal Minds (I love Penelope Garcias style)
Black Books, The IT Crowd, Fr. Ted (I really enjoy that style of humour and PUNS oh my word the more the better) oh and the tv show QI
Hello Kitty!
animals (especially kittens and puppies and penguins, walruses and elephants and giraffes and zebras and hippos)
Dragons (I just like dragons!)
Anything with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in it. ❤
Oscar Wilde (His childrens stories in particular)
Socks (I really like cute character socks~am currently wearing blue socks with hamsters on them, and yesterdays were hot pink and oatmeal socks with giraffes on…TMI or TLI?! eh? =D)
Scarves (I have so many, the longer the better)
Stationary (I love cute stationary~It’s an obsession, love pens and cute paper!)
Cute things in general or little useful knick knacks for rooms, desks, kitchens etc!
I have been getting more and more into DIY in the past year so hopefully my attempts on that front will one day be good enough to share here!

I babble, I like stuff, be prepared for more of the same!!

Super love and sprinkles!