Lanys Library: What I Read May 2013

by Lany

I know, it’s SO LATE! I know!! I’ve been so busy at work, have hardly any time to update here, and it’s something I really regret, but lets let bygones be bygones and I’ll start catching up with my “Lanys Library” series!

Without further ado these are (very few) books I read in May…
The Night Circus– Erin Morgenstern
I really liked this book! I’ve had it on my bookshelf for the past year or so, I bought it when it came out and it was just sitting sadly in my bookcase, until one evening I just picked it up…and didn’t put it down until the wee hours! I was entranced in the colourful world and the fabulous characters that Morgenstern has created. I don’t really know what else to say with a deep fear of spoiling this glorious world for you, so I’ll just say if you enjoy a little bit of fantasy, magic and love then you will probably like this book!

Gears of War: Aspho Fields – Karen Traviss
This was a re-read for me, (it’s also been read by my partner and a lot of our friends as you can see from the state of the spine…), it’s based off the video game Gears of War (no-one could have guessed!) but it goes so much deeper than the storyline within the game goes, the backstories are absolutely heartbreakingly lovely and very true to life, and make the characters very endearing, Karen Traviss has given the characters a depth that can’t be gotten from the game. I really love what she has done to the series (if you couldn’t tell) she is a fabulous writer! If you love a good sob story/war story/brothers in arms story/are a fan of the game then this is a must read.

The Noteable Brain of Maximilian Ponder – J.W. Ironmonger
This was a very quirky book that I picked up in a 3 for 2 offer in my local Waterstones, and I’m kinda glad I did pick it up! Basically the book starts with the death of the main character in a way…its pretty much both a fictional memoir of sorts and also raises interesting questions about what is memory and how does our brain work the way it does? I really liked this novel anyway, I reckon anyone who likes odd and very slightly morbid but utterly engaging stories would have some fun reading this too!

I’m super sorry for the very delayed update, expect to see my June and July updates fairly soon! And we should get back to regular updates from Sophie and I when September comes round and both of our work schedules calm down a bit.

All the best,
Bookmarks and baked goods for all!

P.S. More crafty posts later! ❤