Hats, hats and more hats

by Sophie

Hi Guys,

So I love hats. When I cut my hair off last year I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear nice hats anymore. That fear was completely unfounded. The only thing I like more than hats is hand making hats. They’re usually a quick knit and if you don’t have to go to work the next day you could easily finish an entire hat in a night depending on the pattern. Lately I’ve been going a little bit hat mad so I though I would show you some of the hats I made!


Okay so I know these aren’t hats but I made them at the same time as the hat below. I made them on the bus back from when I visited Lany because the first hat was so quick to crochet.

Pattern is here


I crocheted this hat on the bus home from Lany’s. It was crazy quick to do and took about a half hour to finish. I wear it cycling a lot and I find the glittery bits in the wool makes it interesting.

Pattern is here


This is one of my favourite hats I’ve made. It’s made of colour changing Noro wool and was lots of fun to knit. It only took about 4 hours to make in a round and I wear this hat cycling every day. The Noro wool, although kind of scratchy, holds the shape of the hat really well. Mostly I love the colours though.

Pattern is here


Finally this is the Gin and Tonic hat. I really like the wool I made this out of and I think the pattern is really cute. I made this in a night once again (but it was a late night). I really like how the pattern turned out even though the original reason I though of making it in the first place are because my kittens are called Gin and Tonic. The only problem with this hat is that I did the ribbing in the same sized needle and the rest of the hat and as such it’s a bit loose when you wear it.

Pattern is here

Here is a photo of the two little devils who inspired me to make the hat!


They’re much bigger then this now, so much so that they both don’t fit on my lap anymore!

Do you have any hats that you really like the patterns of?

Happy knitting! Lots of love,