The Great Gatsby Sewing Challange

by Sophie


Hi everyone,

I’m still waiting for my Laurel pattern to arrive. While was browsing around looking for inspiration I came across

She’s just announced that she’s doing a The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge and I am jumping on this! I love the book The Great Gatsby quite a lot and I’m really looking to the movie. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the casting but it looks like the world alone will make the film brilliant. Also the costume design. The costume design is beyond breath taking and the colours are divine. Lot’s of golds and greens (of course!)

I’ve been looking at patterns and I think I’ve settled on this one


I’ve been looking at a lot of the stills from the film for colour choices. A lot of the colours Daisy wears are golds and lavenders as well as pinks.



I really like the lavender and silver look of this dress as well as the lace. Also the little silver gloves are beautiful.



I love this gold dress. Gold plays huge significance in the book and this is really beautiful. I like how it’s sparkly but not too over done. I also really love the furry thing!


I really really love this dress. The colour of pink is really pretty and the bottom of the dress almost looks like feathers or butterfly wings.

I think I’m going to go with a pale lavender and gold colour scheme for my dress. I feel that a The Great Gatsby inspired dress needs to have gold in it! Also I think the gold will warm up the lavender without being overwhelming. I think if I have time I might try to make some king of fake fur shawl as well and a little matching hair band. For a lot of these outfits it’s the accessories that really make the outfit.

I found this handy website that you can put an image into and it will create a colour scheme for you! Pretty cool!

I’m still a beginner sewer so I’m probably being overly ambitious with this dress but I have to try! I’ll update you with my progress and the many many problems I’m probably going to have! All of my updates will have this nice little stamp on it.

Wish me luck!