Lanys Linkage: Mothers Day Ideas 2013

by Lany

Mothers day is around the corner (10th March 2013 FYI) I decided I’d do a round up of some great gift ideas!

  • Get together with some siblings, friends etc, and create a craft gift basket for you mum(/aunt/grandmum etc!) you could get her more supplies (a stash boost is ALWAYS appreciated!). Or increase her library of patterns? You could get together some patterns you’d think she’d love on Ravelry (you have to join to view, but a lot of patterns are free, and those that are there to be bought are at very reasonable prices!) and print them off and present them in a pretty folder! 🙂
  • Charitable donation to a cause close to your mothers heart, some great suggestions include Cancer Research Society, Bernardos, ISCPA, Trocaire, Irish guide Dog Association…the list is as endless as the causes these charities help.
  • You could get the book loving lady in your life a set of new books, an ereader or even a voucher (for when you’re unsure of what books she has bought recently!) to further her bookophile ways! Historical, biographies, fiction, thriller, crime, travel books, craft books, the list is endless!
  • Tickets to a play or concert! Always a nice gift idea, just make sure to subtly hint before hand to see if she’s busy that date!
  • A playlist! Making her a playlist of your/her favourite songs or even just a mix of music that reminds you of her is a great idea and would make a lovely thoughtful present!
  • Doing something for her, if its something small like doing the chore she hates doing the most, or helping with the weekly shopping, just doing something to show that you know how much she does and how much you appreciate it will mean a lot.
  • Make a card! Store bought cards are all well and good, but the effort of making a card will not go unnoticed 🙂 (this applies for all occasions!)

Besides all the presents you can buy or make, I really think the most important thing you can do on Mothers Day is spend some time with your mum, it could be a video call if you’re living abroad (and many are in these days of emigration), a long phone conversation if you’re unable to take time off work, or just calling round for a cup of tea and a chat!

I hope you all have a good mothers day, if that’s visiting or remembering your mum/aunt/grandmother/whomever you want to honour, til the next post, stay safe and take care.