Simple, Easy, Healthy Vegetarian/Vegan Bean Burgers

by Lany

Hi there!

Before getting into the nitty gritty of this chickpea, butter bean and kidney bean burger I want to explain my background!

I’ve been a vegetarian for the past nine year and a bit years, and recently tried a stint as a vegan (as I’ve always been allergic to dairy). I went back to being a vegetarian for simplicity when eating out with family and friends, but I enjoyed the vegan diet, and didn’t really have to change much, just cutting out eggs really…I digress!

Anyways, I never really had burgers when I wasn’t vegetarian (I didn’t really like meat and the main meat I would have consumed would have been chicken), but since I made this a few years ago  I have them at least once a month! These were made one day when I was hungry and I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted! I really love these bean burgers, and especially how flexible and adaptable the recipe is to what you have available in the press.

You can bake them or fry them or even eat the mix raw, it’s up to you! It freezes well when I wrap them in baking parchment and then in a zip lock freezer bag. They can be cooked straight from frozen, which is super handy!

I don’t always have all the vegetables mentioned on hand when I want to make these burgers  so I just use what I have and use less binding agents (the tomatoe puree), sometimes I add about 100g breadcrumbs to stiffen the mix, sometimes if I feel like it I could add maybe 50g cheese to mix things up a bit! Anything goes! Add different veg! Squash might be amazing in this mix! Sunflower seeds! This is just a basic recipe that’s so adaptable, the possibilities are endless!!
Whatever spices you use completely change the flavour also, sometimes I add cumin and some tumeric for a really spicy burger!

Basic Veggie Bean Burger Recipe

210g (a drained tin of) chickpeas
210g butter beans
210g kidney beans
1 large onion/2 smaller onions*
2 cloves garlic*
2 carrots*
1 or 2 pepper(s)*
few drops tabasco sauce
1tbsp tomato puree (prehaps less, judge while mixing)
squirt tomato ketchup
squirt sweet chili sauce
spices and herbs to flavour (options:  basil, oregano, black pepper, chili flakes, cayenne pepper, paprika, corriander, white pepper, the choices are endless!!)

* cut into whatever size you prefer, my mum prefers finely diced veg, whereas I prefer really chunky burgers!


To Make Burgers

  1.  Add the beans to the mixing bowl, and mash them roughly together with a fork, if preferred place them in a food processor and blitz for a few seconds, depending on your choice. (I prefer to leave the beans slightly roughened as I dislike the “baby food” texture of completely blitzed bean burgers!)
  2. Add the cut up veg! Use whatever veg you have on hand (except starchy veg like potatoes, if you reaaaaally want to add potatoes first cook them through in a wok and allow to cool before adding to the mix, but I really don’t recommend it). It should look something like below! If you’re adding the breadcrumbs and/or cheese you can add these now.DSCN0677
  3. Now add several drops of tabasco sauce (varies with your taste in spiciness), and as little or as much seasoning as you like. Taste test!! I cannot emphasise taste testing enough, if you don’t think its flavourful enough now, you won’t like them when they’re done!DSCN0678
  4. Now combine your “dry” ingredients first with a squirt of sweet chili sauce and tomato ketchup and then add the tomato puree,  be judicious you may not need all of it just until the ingredients are combined and sticking together nicely, like below.DSCN0679
  5. Now it’s time to get messy! Stick your (clean!!) hand in there and make some patties. It’s easier if you have a light coating of plain flour on your hand before each burger. If you cannot stand to plunge your hand into the sticky mess you can use a small plastic bag over you hand/plastic glove to help shape the burgers! (I forgot to take a photo of the patties, but its up to you what size you want to make these, you could make them small for kids, or larger for adults or depending on your appetite/what meal you have these for!)
  6. Cooking! I usually fry these in a very small amount of oil that I let heat up before placing them into the frying pan! They can just as easily be baked in an oven (just keep an eye on them, they should take about 10-15 mins at 200deg C).DSCN0684
  7. When they are cooked they should look and smell delicious! 😀DSCN0688

Serve them however you want! I like them in tortillas with rocket and spinach! My sister likes them in burger buns with sweet chili sauce and a small sprinkle of salt!

I hope you try these, they are so easy to make and taste really good (in my opinion anyway!).
If you DO try these PLEASE let me know in a comment! It’d be great to know if you find/make similar ones 😀

Happy cooking!
Love and carrots!