Christmas Craft Bonanza (Part I)

by Lany

It’s finally safe to post pictures of most of the gifts I made this year!
Some still haven’t been given to my friends, the few I haven’t managed to meet up with during the holidays so I won’t post those just yet, I’ll put them in a part II (at some point)!

I crocheted most of my handmade presents this year, as it’s probably my favourite craft- so fast and the results are usually passable 🙂

This cowl was a present for a very good friend, Lisa, and I hope I picked colours she will wear!
The cowl was worked using two balls of Sirdar Softspun in the Smokey Green and the grey “Frostie” colours that are kinda shimmery, with a strand of each colour held together to form the working yarn. The pattern is a catherine wheel one found via ravelry on People Webs (the comments on this pattern are invaluable).
The pattern calls for 131 stitches in the foundation chain to form a 60inch cowl, I crochet quite tightly but not overly so and used about 161 to get a roughly 45 inch cowl. I suppose it depends on what yarn you’re using and how tight/loose you crochet. In the comments however a lot of people only achieved a 40inch cowl from 131 stitches, the author suggested adding on ten extra stitches until desired length is achieved, hence my extra thirty stitches.

The pattern has been reproduced by other blogs claiming it as their own but as best as I can determine Peoples Web is the blog it originated from!



I hope Lisa liked and enjoys the cowl!

Roisin is another very good friend of mine and I decided that sparkly arm warmers were in order!


I just used a chevron stripe, and I was going to use it around the wrist, but I hated starting/ending on a non-straight edge, I didn’t think it looked right and  I knew that if I had them they would drive me crazy if the edges weren’t straight. So instead I just turned my chevron on its side and sewed the beginning stripe to my final stripe, leaving a gap where the thumb can go.

The wool I used is King Cole Galaxy in Saturn and Red, the sequins are already dispersed throughout the wool and its super soft!

They ended up looking a lot more Christmassy than I had anticipated!

I hope Roisin (of Random Descent) gets some use out of them.

Paula is another unfortunate victim, I mean friend that got a homemade present this year!
I made her a hat using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in cream and dark grey.


The wool is so soft and a delight to work with as it drapes wonderfully.

I just did a normal treble hat with double crochet edging to make it fit tighter around the brim. It was finished off with four rows of double crochet (single in US terms) alternating belwteen the cream and grey.

I carried the cream around the inside as you would for fair isle crochet/knitting and it seemed to work well. The picture below is what the side looked like! A bit messy but you get the idea!


I hope Paula liked it and that she gets some use out of the hat!

Last for this post is Sophies homemade present!
I wanted to make her socks, but since I decided too late about the sock making I didn’t have time to practise knitting and get the hang of double pointed needles, I attempted crocheting socks instead! They turned out a bit big but they will do as comfy around the house socks I hope! 😀
I cannot remember what wool I used (if anyone can recognise it form the striping pattern please don’t hesitate to let me know!)  but it was a self striping sock yarn.

Apologies the photo isn’t the best, the lighting situation was far from ideal, it’s a blue/green/white combo!

I used this pattern that I found on ravelry, it’s from South Bay Crochet and is a toe up pattern. The heels were a bit tough to figure out until I got the first one finished, the second was much simpler to approach.

I finished the socks off with a simple scalloped edge, because I didn’t think they looked completed without it!


I know they’re too big to wear as everyday socks but maybe she will be able to get some use of them as “round the house too lazy to put on shoes” socks!! xD

Anyways I hope you all had peaceful holidays and that getting back to the grind isn’t too taxing.
Did you receive any home made gifts? Any baked goods? Any handmade cards?
Oh and if you have any pattern suggestions drop me a line in the comments!

All the best, and hopefully once I have delivered the other gifts there will be a part II up soon!
Until the next post,
Keep well,