Lanys Linkage: Cookbook and Cooking Blog Love!

by Lany

I love cookbooks, really love looking at the fabulous pictures and reading the mouthwatering descriptions….

I’m lucky that I have kept home economics books from school and have been given and inherited  quite a few cookbooks from my family….but you really can’t have TOO MANY cookbooks……

Recently been lusting after these fabulous additions to any cookbook library!

  • Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook ~ Really have been lusting after this one, as I am a vegetarian (I’ve tried kicking cheese and eggs and butter but they’re just SO DELICIOUS) and I have heard really great things about this book! Would love to try out the recipes in this!
  • Fifty Shade of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook ~ I don’t eat meat but my other half more than makes up for me in that regard, he really loves chicken, so being the sort of vegetarian that doesn’t mind cooking meat for others, I think this book would be a great addition to our collection (also, the title and the pun titles of some of the recipes- I am so easily amused).
  • River Cottage Veg Every Day! ~ I really like the River Cottage series and the fact that the recipes focus around vegetables in season is a big plus for me.
  • Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant ~ This isn’t really a recipe book more a collection of essays with some recipes strewn in amongst the prose. I love these sorts of books, a favourite cookbook of mine was given to me by my friend over on AuroraLaPetite it’s called The Flavour Thesaurus and is a strange mix of recipe book, food pairing directory/reference and anecdotal knowledge of food…I recommend it most heartily!
  • Pastry ~ The title says it all really, pastry to me is perfection, and this book is apparently the holy grail of pastry…
  • Gratins and Bakes ~ A womans weekly mini series book, it captured me with my fondness for comforting mammy food and all  of the safety, warmth and happiness that comes with well loved recipes!
  • The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook ~ Baking is a passion of mine and I already own many baking books, but this one has scrumptious photography and promises many amazing recipes….nom nom nom….
  • New Larousse Gastronomique ~ This book has haunted me for a long time, I saw it in a small bookshop years ago, started reading the first page and realised it was the best guide to cooking I would be able to find….now I don’t know if it’s the best, but after reading up on it it does come highly lauded as one of the best out there, and the basis of many a cooks (or wannabe cooks) library!
  • The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet! ~ I love veggie burgers, they’re great to make ahead when you have company over as they don’t take you away from your guests for long and the food is still nutritious and delicious..anyway in my opinion you can never have too many options for veggie burgers!
  • Laurels Kitchen Bread Book ~ I am a sucker for fresh delicious bread, and am currently debating with myself about splashing out on a bread machine next year sometime! This book is meant to be a handy collection of great recipes that work, and taste amazing!
  • Ace of Cakes ~ Sophie got me hooked on the television series when I had a tv, and this book looks like a part biography of the owner of Ace of Cakes part inspirational cake art book….

Recently I have also found myself reading some really inspiring and great food blogs, some I have followed for years and other have been more recent acquisitions to my blog roll! I’m going to make this a short list of the top ten I have been visiting recently because if I made a record of all the food related blogs I follow I think I would both shame and shock myself….

  • Cooking Comically ~ Definitely one of my favourite recipe blogs, adore the comic style, the delivery and the recipes are great too! Check out the blog post Sexy Pancakes if you need to be convinced further! Cannot wait for the cookbook that’s scheduled for release in autumn of next year!!
  • Seasalt with Food ~ This is a blog filled with amazing photos of delicious looking food, and the recipe list is a really great addition/resource, one recipe I can recommend without hesitation is the Hasselback Potato recipe- so goooood.
  • Oh She Glows ~ Vegan blog, but her recipes allow for plenty of experimentation and she talks her readers through her trials and errors as well as alternatives that she has tried! Big fan in particular of Strawberry Cheesecake Bites!
  • The Girl Who Ate Everything ~ Really enjoy her conversational style of writing and her recipes are really great! The recipe index is great too, and has all sorts of food to tempt you! Particular mention to Broccoli Cheese Soup and Spinach Lasagna Rolls!
  • Healthy Happy Life ~ Vegan blog again, has fabulous recipes, a lot of smoothie ones too, and advice along with little stories about how the blog post came into being etc, especially recommend the sweet potato burgers  (without avacado- ick! I really reaaaaaallly dislike avacado!) and her recent addition of apple citrus cinnamon salad– so good!
  • {farmette} ~ This is the most recent blog I have started following, I cannot believe it took me so long to find it! PAcked with amazing recipes and an engaging attitude, she’s won me over! Cannot wait to try Bramley Apple Dumplins’!
  • Vegan Yum Yum ~ This blog is back after a two year hiatus, and the recipe that caught my eye had some of my favourite ingredients in it, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, sourdough bread and basil….Blackened Tomato Canapes. I’ve had variation on this theme but the photos and the instructions on this are so straight forward that it’s a relief and a joy to read.
  • Nessas Family Kitchen  ~ Only started following this blog earlier this year but I cannot wait for her book Apron Strings to be released in April of 2013! One recipe that I have ear marked for simply ages now is the Lemon Curd Raspberry Meringue Roulade, it looks divine…….
  • Veggie Belly ~ Great vegetarian blog, however a lot of the ingredients are unavailable in Ireland so I usually substitute with something more widely available or omit the ingredient and make up the mass with other stuff in the recipe! Standout recipe is her falafel, just so delicious. 
  • Baking Obsession ~ Beautifully photographed food, and makes me absolutely  supremely jealous of her cake decorating skills! Seriously look at this and this!! Cannot wait to try the recent update of carrot orange muffins!

Sorry for the super link heavy post today, it’s a cliche but ~I really enjoy being in the kitchen and messing about with ingredients and tastes! 😀

Happy cooking!