Lanys Home: Happy Manly Switches!

by Lany

I called this Lanys home as I moved a few months ago and the house we moved to is starting to finally feel like our home, we can’t paint the house or make DIY installations etc, but we are allowed display art on the walls and stick up posters etc using blu-tack.

My significant other arrived home with some supplies for his Youtube Let’s Play video and suddenly an idea was born!

This is what arrived at the house:

And this is how I cheered up our sad little light switches and made them SUPER MANLY LIGHT SWITCHES!

If only I could get this song out of my head everytime I turn on or off a light everything would be great! 😀

I know it’s simple, and someone has probably done it before, but it’s just so cute looking that I had to share xD
…my laptop might also be sporting the rather fetching magician facial hair!! >.<

Sorry this is a short post but I moustache!
I’m so sorry, I apologise most profusely but pun are fanTASHtic…..

Ok Ok I’m leaving!
Don’t lie, you loved it!

Moustachios out!