Autumn – I Could Fall For You

by Lany

It’s only started properly feeling like autumn a few weeks ago, the summer here was so awful, nothing but rain, that autumn kind of snuck up on me!

I love love love colourful leaves, and this year the trees at my family home have put on quite a show!

Ninja cat hides in foliage!

I am super excited for halloween – not for fireworks and bangers though, the poor cats, dogs and other pets- this year will be the first year I’ll be living somewhere with kids who will be trick or treating!

This season of change always brings to mind school and college semesters, bringing out out scarves and gloves from the back of the college, breaking in winter boots, curling up with a good book by a wood fire in the evening….

Autumn always feels like a season of change, a lot of things seem to happen around this time of the year, a lot of adventures begin or end, a lot of decisions need to be made and it always feels like the time of transition.
I tend to revaluate things at this time of the year, I like to go outside and walk in the crisp evenings with the cold but not icy air blowing about and dashing for the shelter of trees to avoid the all too common short and heavy showers!

Autumn rocks.

Soon…Christmas!!! *runs and hides*

Wherever you go, may your leaves be crunchy underfoot!