Nail Polish Fun!

by Lany

I picked up a Rimmel I ❤ Lasting Finish nail varnish the other day in a shade that was called (1863) Sunshine, it was a lovely vibrant yellow in the pot, as most yellow varnishes are, but I was curious as to the actual final result “on nail” as it were.

Forewarning- I painted my nails on a very bumpy van journey, so smudgy is a little understatement!

It took two coats (as I was expecting) to get a decent strong bright yellow, and as yellow doesn’t suit me in the slightest yet I love the bright hue, it cheers me up, I decided to tone down the yellow with a black diagonal across the nail.

The black I used was Rimmel 60 Second nail varnish in (2506) Black Out.

Now it’s not very straight as I was being jolted around as a passenger in the back of a van (hey, I’m a busy woman, you gotta find time for some things!), but I think I did alright nonetheless!

Apologies for the photography, just took a snap of them when I was bored!