Rainbow Hair! (and a slight bit of self acceptance)

by Lany

Sorry for the loooong absence from Glitter Not Gold, I have moved for my job, changed my city of residence etc and have not got the internet at my new home yet 🙂
To be honest I quite liked living without the internet for the past while, might write a blog post about it at some stage.

Back at the end of July I decided that I wanted to do something different to my hair. Last year I had cut myself a deep fringe (which made me look REALLY young, it was also my first time ever attempting to cut my own hair) and I’ve had my hair all shapes and lengths over the past 5-6 years, so I decided that I’d try to dye my hair for the first time ever!This was really my first time seriously thinking about dying my hair. I have naturally a brown/auburn hair colour and I quite like it (ooh vain, I know!), I think its the only hair colour that would suit me- I feel blonde, black or red hair would just bring out the fierce redness on my face even more.

Rosacea gives my face a very uneven skin tone, something which I used to really dislike and hate about myself.
Not only do I have really red patches of skin on my cheeks/nose I also suffered from lots of spots due to really oily sensitive skin, which reacted badly to most skin products that I tried out. All of this added up to make a very insecure teenage me.
I tried getting into wearing heavy makeup, but anytime I tried to balance out my skin tone using makeup, I’d end up caking it on and creating a weird powdery flakey looking layer atop my skin. I’d look at myself in the mirror just before leaving the house I would only just see the horrible powdery orange skin that I had created. It looked so trashy and awful that I couldn’t bring myself to wear it in public. I would quickly rush back into my room and swipe the mask of makeup off my face, making my entire family wait some more, and end up irritating my sensitive skin even further with wipes and makeup removers. Even my own skin that I hated was better than looking like a tangerine! I tried many many many types and brands of skin care products (I must have cost my parents a small fortune with everything I tried), most just did not agree with my skin in the slightest and made matters worse!
In the end I discovered that the only thing that makes teenage breakouts go away is time, although I still get the odd breakout (mostly due to stress), and they are irritating, it’s nothing like what I used to get.

The experimentation with different brands and so forth in my teenage years has resulted in one good thing, I now know what I can and cannot use on my ever changing skin. The only cleansers that I have used with any success have been Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser (the little jar that I always associate with my grandmother, but there’s a reason she uses it- it works), and I am a strong advocate of Liz Earles Hot Cloth Cleanser, and plain old Dove soap with water.

The main thing is that I will always have red cheeks, rosacea is always going to be a part of me, like it or lump it. So I decided instead of letting it be something that I hate about myself I’ve let it become that have accepted about myself, I can’t change the skin I’m in so I might as well feel comfortable in it!

Also if I really don’t want to appear red faced I wear Vichy Dermablend make up, it’s the only foundation that I have used that I don’t have to apply a heavy amount to get complete coverage, and this probably leads to the second reason I use Vichy; the fact that using it doesn’t lead to spots and breakouts.  I like the tutorials by Lisa Eldridge on foundation and concealer application, as I really like her natural look, hopefully by trying to emulate her techniques I end up with something vaguely similar!

Anyways I seem to have diverged quite a lot from my starter topic, to continue where I left off, I like my hair colour as I think its the only one that will ever truly suit my skin tone! So I decided that I didn’t want to change the colour of all of my hair, and also that I didn’t want to go for a plain colour, plain isn’t really me!
I love prints and colour, and decided that my personality was not suited to the usual blonde or red streaks, it was best summed up with a mix of teal and hot pink.
I bleached the ends of my hair (I chose to do this because if I didn’t like the end result I could just as easily chop the dyed parts off), checked to see if blonde suited me- it really didn’t- and reached for the Crazy Colors dye! I chose a wash out dye, as I liked the idea of changing my colour quickly and experimenting on a weekly basis!

I chose Peacock Blue and Pinkissmo for my hair dye experiment, and placed the greeny blue colour at the top of the bleached parts of my hair, and pink at the ends. The two colours took well and the part where they met turned out really cool, varying between blue and purple hues, making my two tone job look like a really cool mix of three or four colours- success! (Well, I hope!)

I really like my hair anyways, and my family and other half seem to like it too, with my boyfriends little brother exclaiming “Oooh I like your rainbow hair!” (hence the original title of this post!) 😀

I haven’t had my camera with me much since the move, so here’s a pic I snapped on my laptop a while ago!

Have any of you dyed your hair recently? Tried new hairstyles or done something different with your look?

Yours, rainbows and smiles!