Japan day 8 and 9 – Skytree, Asakusa, Disney Sea and more

by Sophie

Good evening everyone!

Yesterday the internet didn’t really want to work for me and as such I wasn’t really about to post a blog about yesterday. It was a shame really because now I’m going to have a spam you with two days of events and both days I’ve been busy!

So yesterday I walked from my hostel to the Sky Tree in the morning which was really fun and very interesting. Being in such a big city I find it very difficult to walk a lot of places without the help of the subway. I decided to give the Sky Tree a shot because it didn’t seem to be that far away from the hostel. It ended up being about an hour away from the hostel walking, which was fine because I was walking along all of these (seemingly) new walkways they have put by the river so more people will walk and less people will take the subway.

The Sky Tree is pretty cool. It’s very tall and shiny and new and was much more of an enjoyable experience than going to Tokyo Tower was. There’s a huge mall and an aquarium. I ended up going to the aquarium since I decided I wasn’t going to go up the Sky Tree itself. The aquarium was very cool. It had lots of odd fish that I had never seen before. There were also loads of jellyfish, which was really cool.

After that I went to Tokyo Station and had a look around. Sadly I couldn’t find the character street part of the mall attached to Tokyo Station, which I wanted to see. However I’m going there tomorrow when I’m taking the bullet train in Kyoto.

I then went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Office in Shinjuku. They have an observatory on the 45th floor and you can pretty much see all of Tokyo. It’s very cool. I arrived at sunset so I got pictures of both the sun setting on one side of the city and the moon on the other side. It was really cool.

Today I went to Asakusa in the morning to see one of the big shrines there. I can’t remember the name of it but the shrine was very impressive indeed. I got to pick a fortune as well. I got Good Fortune and it was altogether a very fun experience. There were lots of vendors around the shrine selling food and goods. I got a fish shaped pastry thing filled with red bean paste. Its shown a lot in anime but it actually seems to be very difficult to find in real life. However it was very yummy. The pastry actually tasted much more like pancakes than anything else. While I was sitting around the shrine eating it this older Japanese man came over and started chatting to me. It seemed like he spends his afternoon talking to foreigners around the shrine. His english was quite good and he seemed to be reading the Japan Times in english, which I found interesting. I ended up spending over an hour talking to him before I eventually had to leave since I was going to Disney Sea!

Disney Sea was really cool. It’s completely different to all of the other Disneyland parks and it’s Viennese themed as the main square. There’s an Aladdin area, an Under the Sea area, an Indiana Jones area, to name a few. It’s very different from the other parks I’ve been too but it was still amazing. It seemed to be aimed at a slightly older age group. I got the evening pass which means you enter the park after 5pm but you pay less than half price for the ticket. I had a wonderful time there. At 8pm there was this amazing show the put on over the main river in the park. It was so amazing, there were fireworks and light shows and water shows. It completely took my breath away.

The beautiful walk on the way to the Sky Tree.


The view of the river.

Hallo there Sky Tree!


Domo-kun! He has a store in the Sky Tree!




Oh hai there!


Sun setting over Tokyo from the 45th window of the Tokyo Metropolitan Offices.


Rising moon on the other side of the tower.


The amazing shrine in Asakusa.


Shrine is Asakusa.


My fortune tied up in the shrine.


The inside of the shrine was amazing!


Yummy fish shaped thing filled with red bean paste!


More pics of the shrine.


The disney resort monorail line.


The statue in the entrance.


Indie’s Temple!


Outside the Storm Rider ride.


Triton! And some kid photobombing =P


The statue lit up at night!

Tomorrow I’m heading to Kyoto for 6 days so I’m not sure if I’ll have good internet or not yet. I’ll know tomorrow I suppose!

Good night!