Japan Day 7 – Tokyo Tower and more Akihabara

by Sophie

Good evening!

So another busy day was had today. Although I didn’t go adventuring till about 1pm due to tiredness after the eventful day the night before.

Jen and I decided that we would go and see Tokyo Tower, especially since it was her last day in Japan and she hadn’t seen it yet. So we met up and 4pm and made our way to Tokyo Tower, which wasn’t very hard since you can see it then minute you get out of the subway station. The outside of the tower is quite impressive. I had read that the reason it is bright orange and white is because it had to comply with aviation regulations back at that time, which I found quite amusing.

We decided not to go up the top of the tower as you can go up to the 42nd floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Center for free and see the same view. To be honest the inside of Tokyo Tower was a small bit disappointing. I think they kind of let it go a bit since the new Sky Tree was built but the shops weren’t great and there wasn’t much to do.

We ended up leaving Tokyo Tower and heading back to Akihabara because we wanted to do some PuriKura before Jen left Japan. We had already done it a few days ago but we wanted to do it again. I also bought a good few charm thingies for your bag and phone. We decided that buying those charms must be the most contagious disease in all of Japan because everyone has them, even old me.

After that we went to a little cafe near Akihabara station and got these really tasty yogurt blended drink things. Mine was mango and passionfruit and Jen got a mixed berry one. We hung out there for a while reading my guidebook to Kyoto since I will be going there on Friday or Saturday. Finally our feet were rested enough to make it back to Jens hotel where we attempted to repack some of her stuff for her flight in the morning. Also the receptionists gave us strange looks.

Finally made it home to my little hostel, took a shower and got some tea. Tomorrow I am going to the Sky Tree for sure. I’ve been saying I’d be going there since the start of my trip! Have to move out of this room in the hostel and into another room since I believe this one is booked. No big deal but it means I have to be checked out by 10am tomorrow! =P At least I can go and get breakfast!

Tokyo Tower from the bottom of the very steep hill up to it.

We found out this was a restaurant, which is really cool! Looked to expensive to eat in though!

Stick on facial hair in Akihabara

Table flipping game!

Cute Akihabara sign!

The internet here isn’t great so I can’t post any more photos at the moment!

Good night!