Japan Day 6 – Hostels and Karaoke!

by Sophie

Good evening!

So today there wasn’t a whole lot of touristing around Tokyo. As Jen was moving out of her apartment today it meant it was time to pack my bags and head for a hostel. In the guidebook it said that one of the cheapest places to go for good hostels was near Minami-Senju which turned out to be true. There are lots of little hotels and hostels around the station that are very cheap. I couldn’t find any of the ones that were mentioned in the book and I happened to stumble across the Aizuya Inn by accident, which was wonderful because it is a really lovely little hostel. It’s clean and new enough I think. It has japanese styled rooms which are very small but do the job. The people here are also very friendly.

Finding the hostel was my big feat of the day so my next stop was to go and meet Aisling, my twin sister, in Shinjuku. She’s moving to Japan as a part of the JET program for a year and she is only in Tokyo for two days.I met up with her outside the super swanky Keoi hotel, where the JETs are staying. We then went for udon in a little place nearby which was super yummy. Aisling had to head off for an embassy party so I headed off to Iidabashi to met Jen and her friend Robert for karaoke! It was loads of fun but quite expensive for a half hour. But I suppose one has to do karaoke while they’re in Japan!


My little hostel room!

Hostel lobby

Aisling with our Udon

Karaoke in Iidabashi

Outside Iidabashi station

After that it was time to take the train back to Minami-senju and get ready for bed. Tomorrow Jen and I are going to go to Tokyo tower, which should be great fun!

Good night!