Day 5 – Shinjuku and the Pokemon Center!

by Sophie

Good evening everyone!

Today was a pretty eventful day. I was a bit indecisive about where I wanted to go when I got up in the morning. I was deciding between going to Shinjuku and going to the Sky Tree but in the ended I decided that there would be a good idea to go to Shinjuku since there would probably be more to see.

I got to Shinjuku at about 12pm and went to the park there which was quite cool. My camera died when I got there though so I have no photos for the Shinjuku part of the day. There was lots of homeless people there though which was a bit unnerving since it was very rare to see homeless people in the city.

Once I went through the park I went to the Shinjuku city part of the city. It’s kind of where all of the shops are. It’s quite overwhelming as a part of Tokyo. One of the most overwhelming parts I’ve been to so far. The skyscrapers are so massive and the streets are crowded and full of people and stuff. I went into a few department stores there and saw a number of the brand lolita shops but I didn’t buy anything. They’re all have sales at the moment so when I return to Tokyo at the end of my trip I will be going there. I also found a Closet Child when I was on my way to meet up with Jen so I will be going back to Shinjuku before the end of my trip for sure!

When I met up with Jen we decided to go to the Pokemon Center. When we got there we saw lots of people sitting outside the shop with DS’ playing. We think there are events in which you can get special pokemon when you bring your DS on certain days. The place is amazing. The check outs are designed to be like the little booths in the pokemon centre. There’s all sorts of everything and the staff there were really friendly and nice. They also had little birthday celebrations for two children there. Their name came up on the screen with the pokemon and people sang happy birthday to them. The kids looked really happy.

After the Pokemon Center Jen and I went back to Akihabara and play this weird dance game called Maimai which was lots of fun. We then played this rhythm game involving drums which was also lots of fun. We were going to do Purikura again tonight but we forgot.


People with their DS’ outside the Pokemon Center.

Outside the Pokemon Center

The check out’s

The shop

Some posters at the entrance.


My Pikachu couple! One of my favorite things I’ve bought the entire trip.

Tomorrow I think I might go to Tokyo Tower. Also since Jen is moving out of her apartment it means it’s time to go hostel hunting!

Good night!