Japan day 4 – Harajuku, Akihabara and Fred!

by Sophie


So today we went to Harajuku in the morning. We went to try and see the cosplayers that are supposed to hang out by the bridge but there didn’t seem to be anyway. Instead though there was some traditional Japanese theatre going on outside in the open air! It was really cool! There were even little girls dancing with fans with the Japanese flag on them. It was really nice and awesome. There were loads of tourists there. The most I’ve seen the entire trip.

So then we wandered down to the main street with all of the shops and it’s pretty amazing. There were a good lot of of lolitas about as well as a lot of people taking videos as well. We ended up going to Closet Child, a gothic and lolita store and to a lot of other Japanese shops. It was so interesting and there were lots and lots of shops to go to. We also got some crepes which were crazy delicious.

After Harajuku we went to Akihabara which was all lit up and shiny! We went to an arcade and got to play Persona 4 arcade and we played DDR as well! We then tried some of the UFO machines but we didn’t win anything. Jen then bought the best thing ever, which is this little mushroom thing that is quite creepy but also kind of hilarious. We find loads of posters of Persona 4 and also there are tonnes of maid cafes in Akihabara. We decided not to go into them though. After all of that I’m pretty wrecked now.


Weird mascot things!


Fan dance in Harajuku!

Takeshita Street, Harajuku

Evangelion store

Gothic lolita in Harajuku

Angel Heart crepes Harajuku

Nyaws! I want this tshirt so badly! I may go back and get it when I get back to Tokyo at the end of the trip!

Sega arcade, Akihabara


Emotion controller nekomimi!

Persona 4 arcade, Akihabara.

I’m a maid! =P


Jen found those very amusing >>

I’m being sucked into the tv!

Yousuke! ❤

Fred the mushroom! He still creeps me out but I kind of love him now only for the following video!


I haven’t decided what I’m going to do tomorrow now. Possibly go back to Shibuya for a bit tomorrow and Shinjuku as well. We shall see in the morning!

Good night!