Japan Day 3 – Sumida fireworks festival!

by Sophie


So today Jen and I went to the Sumida fireworks festival in Tokyo,which is the biggest fireworks festival in all of Tokyo. We went at 2.30pm to make sure we would get a spot. We ended up getting a pretty good one. It was near the toilets but we could see the sky clearly, which was what really mattered. Both Jen and I dressed in our yukatas for the day that was in it. The Tokyo heat paired with a yukata is pretty tough to handle so lots of water and so forth was to be had. Once we had found our spot we then went scouting for treats and festival food!

We both got soba to eat first and the some peach licqure and soda. We then got some of the snow cone things which were completely amazing in the heat. The first one I got was melon and peach flavour and then the other one was just peach. We brought sake with us so we did some knacker drinking in our yukata while we were waiting for the fireworks to start.

The fireworks themselves started at 7pm and went on till 9.30pm so it was totally worth having to camp out all day for it. There was pikachu ones and sakura ones and just crazy ones and it was just amazing! We ended up letting a japanese couple sit on our mat and we shared watermelon with them! It was fun! Then this really nice couple took photos of us in our yukatas!

The way home was crazy because all of the people at the festival were trying to get home on the trains home. It was crazy but the police put us into an orderly queue and we all got on the train in about half an hour. It was pretty cool because we all got onto the train with plenty of time and there was no pushing and shoving.

A poster advertising the fireworks!

Sky tree!!

Jen in her yukata!

Me in my yukata!

The crowd infront of us for the festival



Sakura firework!

Us in our yukatas! The sky tree is in the background but it’s too bright!

Jens amazing obi that she tied herself!

Back in the apartment after an exhausing but wonderful day! Tomorrow we’re going to Harajuku, Shinjuku and Akihabara so lots and lots of shopping tomorrow!