Japan day 2 – Shibuya and yukata!

by Sophie

Hello there!

Day 2 in Japan! It’s still really, really hot here. They give you free fans in the subways and on the streets to help keep you cool. They have little advertisements on them so it’s kind of like giving out flyers but super useful.

One of the things I had to buy today was a little hand towel thing because they don’t have any hand dryers in Japan bathrooms. It is quite strange.

Today I got the train to Shibuya. It was quite an adventure as I didn’t know what train went where and the Tokyo subway is very, very complicated. In the end a nice old man asked me where I was going and showed me the line I was suppose to take and told me where to change stations. I think he thought I wasn’t very intelligent.

Anyway once I got on the train it was really easy to get to Shibuya. I went to see Hachiko and the Shibuya crossing, which is amazing. I also went to the Shibuya 109 store, mostly because of the game The World Ends With You. It was really cool  and really, really tall. There was loads of things I wanted to buy but decided to wait until after I got to the lolita shops!

After wandering around Shibuya and seeing loads of the amazing shops I then went back to met Jen and Robert, her coworker. Jen and I then went to get me my yukata!  It was so cool! They fitted me for the yukata and put it on for me. It was really cool! We’re going to the biggest fireworks festival in Tokyo tomorrow so I get to wear it about! =D They’re really comfortable and it came in a set with a obi and shoes as well.

Didn’t have as many odd things to eat today. Had ramen for dinner and a peach pudding thing with little love hearts in them. I also got a little wind chime thing in Tokyo Hands! Beyond adorable! We went to a big 105 yen store and I picked up a number of useful things I’ll need when I’m hostel hopping next week including adorable bowls and plates. The 105yen store is amazing. There’s so much there!


Jen’s neighborhood!


The shire by Jens place.


The inside of the shrine



so cute


boat bridge!


Shibuya! Outside Shibuya station!


Hachiko mosque.




Shibuya 109!


Hello Kitty store Shibuya 109!


They have Lush is Tokyo! And the Hachiko bus!


Cool thingies!


K-on and One Piece!


More things!


Cool advert!


My yukata for the fireworks festival tomorrow!


Jens yukata airing


love flavoured pudding (actually peach)


It had little love hearts in it!!

Whoop it was amazing day but I’m quite exhuasted now! Preparing for an amazing day of fireworks tomorrow!


More updates tomorrow!