Japan – Day 1 – No sleep, tokyo and lots of travelling!

by Sophie


So I’m just calming down after my first very adventurous day in Japan! Took a whole lot of travelling to get there. By the time I had met Jen at 4pm (japanese time) I had be travelling for almost 48 hours and had gotten a grand total of about 4 hours sleep so by the time I was at the airport and getting ready to head off into actual japan I was a little bit exhausted and very nervous.

I ended up getting to the station when I was supposed to meet Jen, who I’m staying with for the first week of my Japan trip, over three hours earlier than I intended too. So I spent the time wandering. it is crazy warm over here as well so I went to starbucks (because I knew how to order there) and got a frappachino. I kept seeing these people with fans in bags, which was mighty tempting so I decided to go the direction that they were coming from. Never found the place with the fans but I did find a war memorial shrine. Apparently it has the biggest gate in Japan, made from steel, which is rare. I snapped a few pictures of the place.



A picture of the entrance and the gate.





The war memorial was near the Iidabashi station but I don’t know it’s name.

When I met up with Jen we went for an adventure back to her apartment, which is adorable and totally not cramped although its quite small. We then went fooood shopping! Food is really expensive here. Like crazy expensive. However we still got loads of yummies and weird stuff. We also met an adorable dog on our journey. Jen lives near a shrine so we walked through that on the way over. It’s beautiful and I only got one pic because it was so dark. I’ll be taking more when the it’s daytime.



Shrine foxies!


all the crap we bought, including amazing sake!!



This exists! And it’s yummy!


adorable doggie! She kept moving so I couldn’t get a great pic!

Anyway I’m completely wrecked after all of the travelling to get here so I will leave you with todays antics! I haven’t planned where to go yet tomorrow. Shall decide after some much need sleep!