Lanys Linkage ~ Tutorials I Wanna Try

by Lany

The past week has been super busy, can I say hyper-busy?
I sat down and made a list of everything that I need to do, and want to do.
Then I went and found these amazing tutorials that I want to make too, thus messing up my plans….oh well back to making plans….which to be honest is my favourite part about plans….the planning stage!

Have a look at these great tutorials and see if you can resist temptation!!

This tutorial by Sew Kate Sew has me salivating at the thought of such a cute suitcase chair!! Maybe if I find a really fab old suitcase…..

This tutorial for washable glitter glasses, from Inspire,Design&Create makes me want to GLITTER ALL THE GLASSES….ahem….

This rainbow street art makes me want to learn how to make these origami shapes!! More pictures on the creators Mademoiselle Maurice website (click the hyperlink!).

No sew lace bow hair clip, looks like a cheap quick and really cute tutorial over at Shanty-2-chic!

This awesome tutorial on a chalkboard interior to a bathroom cabinet on InspireDesign&Create has me wishing that I had a really nice wooden bathroom cabinet to try this out on!

This super cute and ultra simple looking tutorial for updating shoes with funky colours on Follow na Moda has me considering which pair of heel have run their course in their present state!!

More glass art! This time nail varnish is used to give an amazing marble bottom to some hi-ball glasses, the tutorial is really clear and the results stunning over at honestlywtf!

Apartment Therapy shows us how to make wax free orange candles!! I am so on this!! Love the smell of oranges, I hope these candles don’t smell more like burning than of refreshing orange!

(If anyone wants to to take down the pictures please just let me know, I included pictures because they are what sold me on most of these projects!!)

Let me know if you make any of these!! 😀

I hope to try some of them soon!