Crochet, it’s me, Mario!

by simtastikle

Hello again Glitterati!

I’m good at giving gifts. If I know someone enough, then I can always come up with an interesting and clever gift for them. This might seem off topic, but it is a nice segue into the topic of this post. Today I was finally able to give my friend his 21st birthday present, about 7 months late. (I never said I was good with timing of presents :P) He is a Nintendo fan boy to the max. Eveything nintendo, from the 3DS to the GameBoy he’s all the knowledgeable about, that’s why it was almost obvious what I was going to give him.

Of all the games and characters, one of his favorites is Mario. So, while I knew I was going to get him something Mario related, I had a little trouble deciding what it was exactly that I was gonna get. It was only then when I was holding my crochet hook in my hand, did it dawn on me. That’s when I set off looking for patterns. I knew I wanted to make a blanket and I knew I wanted it as Mario, but other then that I was clueless. That was untile I stumbed upon a little treasure.

I really have to give credit where credit is due. While roaming the internet I found this fliker post: give me all the clicks! I just knew then that that was what I was going to make. I didn’t bother with a pattern, I just used this picture. I counted the squares, did a bit of math and worked out what I needed.

All together I needed 380 little squares, of all the various colours. It didn’t seem too bad in the beginning, but halfway through I was starting to see squares in my sleep. It was horrible. It stopped being fun and started being torturous. Buying balls of wool and realising that I didn’t have enough was also a pain in my backside! I visited 3 different wool shops more that 5 times in order to get everything I needed. The entire process was not pleasant at all!

My strategy was to make all the squares before I started to sew them together, but making the squares was so monotonous that I had to start sewing things together just to break the boredom. It worked out well in the end. As an example of what I had about half way through the process, you can have a look at my coffee table.

There was less coffee table and more wool than anything else! We had no place to put down our coffee!

It was completely worth it though, because once I had everything made and sewn together I was so proud. It came together and it’s huge! My house isn’t actually big enough to properly spread it out. I had to maneuver it around the kitchen and even then it was a little squashed.  Looking at it all laid out, I couldn’t believe that I had actually finished it and that it came out as amazing as I hoped it would. It was a shame to give it away. I really want one for myself, but I know the pain I’d put myself through if I was to make another one. Maybe it’s like childbirth, though? I’ll forget the pain in order to keep making them? Haha, I don’t know, but if I do make another one, even a different one, it won’t be for a while.

I do love crochet, though 😀

Keep sparkling guys!