Rock Of Ages: Movie Review

by Lany


It was cheesy, but the kind of “taking the mickey” cheesy that is really enjoyable to watch.

If you want the synopsis;
It’s about a “smalltown girl”, Sherrie, (Julianna Hough) moving to Hollywood to make it big as a singer, meeting a guy, Drew (Diego Boneta) who’s also a singer, who gets her a job at a rock club, Bourbon, and they have a wonderful blossoming relationship etc.

Club owner, Dennis (Alec Baldwin) is fighting bills and the mayor (Bryan Canston) and his wife (Catherine Zeta Jones) who is campaigning to have the club and the strip shut down. There is hope for the club in the form of a final gig by Arsenal, with their unreliable front man Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) who’s appearance leads to a shattering of the cosy relationship between Sherrie and Drew…everything gets turned on its head and you will enjoy the cheesy story!

This film is a musical and surprisingly the songs were well done. I was expecting a karaoke type affair, which is to be expected with an 80s soundtrack, and was pleasantly surprised  throughout this film by the vocals! I will probably purchase the soundtrack (which is available on amazon-woo)!

Acting wise, the two leads, Julianna and Diego, while they do give an admirable attempt, they tended to lead the film into all too familiar “glee like” acting. Now I don’t normally like Tom Cruise, but I really liked him in this movie. Mr Cruise, Alec Baldwin,Russel Brand and Catherine Zeta-Jones steal the show, in my opinion, and they lift the movie from an ok-ish experience to a brilliant night at the cinema!

I went to see this movie with several friends, all of whom have different tastes in films, and everyone enjoyed it!

I left feeling like I could go straight back in and watch it again, a feeling I haven’t had at the cinema in quite a while.
It also made me want to dress in denim, wear distressed band t-shirts, backcomb my hair and put thick black eyeliner on while doing this…

….or maybe you know, it was just me….

Go! I strongly recommend this movie if you enjoy musicals, intentionally cheesy films and 80’s rock.
Oh and pole dancing, it makes it look amazing.


PS: I also wanted her boots from the start of the movie (Julianne Houghs character), seriously I saw a pair like them in Schuh at Christmas, I should have just snapped them up!