Modern Feminism ~ A Rant

by Lany

My good gravy, what is wrong with people.

Modern feminism apparently is no longer about equality but about superiority.
I’m not even going to bestow upon it the title modern feminism, from now on I will call it pseudo feminism, and the people who support these viewpoints pseudo feminists.
I’m going to call them PFs for short.

How is pointing out that heterosexual men find women sexually attractive, sexism? Heterosexual women find men sexually attractive too, and advertising exploits this for both genders.
They don’t market chocolate with overweight male builders do they? No it’s young “buff” male models who are selling us our chocolate fix.

One example that seems to get PFs up in arms is the video game industry, in fact there is one woman, working under the name “Feminist Frequency” who makes youtube videos, and started a kickstarter*  to raise 6,000 dollars to make a series about how video games are sexist against women (she actually raised 127,000). Now call me foolish but aren’t video games sexist against men too? All the women have big boobs, small waists and one dimensional characters…but equally you could say that all the men are super pumped war machines with revenge issues. Obviously not all games are one dimensional, and some have amazing stories and universes, environments etc.
I just think it’s a ridiculous concept to look at an industry and say “oh my god, they depict sexually attractive women, they are sexist”.

She could look at something useful such as sexism and inequality in the workplace, where women may be discriminated against for having children or the fact that some day they may have kids, or where some men may be discriminated against because of their sexual preferences etc.
Sexism against women is rife in middle eastern countries, where women are treated as second or third class citizens, have less civil rights than men and are maltreated merely for having been born a certain gender.
In other countries, take for example Morocco, a man who rapes a woman is not prosecuted if they marry that woman, all this stems from not shaming the womans family by revealing that she had been raped…which you know should make no sense because surely HE should be shamed and be looked down upon for raping a woman in the first place…..THAT is sexism against women, not depicting women in video games with big bazongas or little or no character development…

When the big fights for equality are won, then THEN you can look at trifling issues such as lack of female characters/role models in video games.
We should be concerned about the lack of female role models in politics, in major industry and the lack of male role models in teaching and childcare/child rearing facilities.
We should be concerned that underage teenage boys are not as well protected against pedophiles and pervy teachers as underage teenage girls are, and that when a female teacher was found to be acting inappropriately towards underage teenage boys she was not meted out the same punishment as a male teacher would have experienced in the same situation. That is a lack of equality that is worrying, that is sexism in action.

When women (or men) go to extreme view points of course the generate media interest (and money…just sayin’)…
But these PFs, they not only bring publicity and hate to the cause of feminism (or equality as I prefer to call it) they also drag down the sane, middle of the road arguments and proposals that sane women propose with them. People get lumped together under one blanket term, that completely obliterates the sane arguments, and make all feminists look like crazy loons who want women to be in the “superior” position.
The PFs generate anger towards the people in the middle ground, the people who just want equality, the people who just want people to be treated the same regardless of gender, sexual preference, skin colour, height, weight etc. PF’s undermine all that people worked for, all that people gave up their lives for, they undermine the sanity in arguments by bringing it back to “Boys suck, Girls rule” schoolyard politics and mentality.

Fight the fight the right way, for the love of all thats good in this world.

Equality should be about treating people in the same kind manner no matter what their gender, no matter what their sexual preference, no matter what age they are.

Yours, in anger,

PS. This was my two cents, feel free to air your views in the comments, I don’t claim everyone who has a different point of view to me is a troll.

*(which I have a problem with because people make videos for youtube FOR FREE, people get paid from advertising that is directly related to how popular the channel is, she is basically usurping the system, she gets paid for the fact of making the videos [and researching her arguments-which she should do for a video series ANYWAY] and I have no doubt that she will get advertising money too~I won’t mind if she had started a kickstarter for say a book dealing with the issue as she sees it, that is what kickstarter is for, fledgling companies and programmers and struggling artists and people wanting to get the money to publish and be published)