Culinary Adventure Pt.1

by simtastikle

Hey glitterati!

Last time I said that I was planning on making Gyoza sometime and today was the day that I attempted. Notice that I write ATTEMPTED. As usual, Ireland being the out of the loop loner that it is, doesn’t understand that there is food outside that of bacon and cabbage. *sigh*

Well, I might be being unfair. In recent times it has gotten much better, but it’s still not nearly as progressed as the rest of Europe. Gyoza, japanese steam fried dumplings, require some specialized ingredients, MOST of which I found. Soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil and ginger all can be found in Tesco, which was refreshing. The pork and onion were never going to be a problem, but the wanton wrappers were almost impossible to find.

I went to two health stores and found spring roll wrappers, Vietnamese style, but those didn’t work. I tried 😦 Living in a fairly small town I don’t have access to an Asian speciality shop. So I’m currently wanton wrapper-less. *double sigh* I’m going to try and source them tomorrow, because I don’t want my meat to sour. Hopefully, I’ll get them soon and cook ’em up for a magical asian recipe of deliciousness!

I did get to make the meat mixture and I tested it (for taste, of course! Not because I wanted nibbles :P) And it was quite good! But once I get the wanton skins, I’ll post the recipie and the review, so stick around for that! Until then, protest for wider range of products in local stores!


While hunting through the health food store, I stumbled upon something quite interesting. Shirataki noodles are a japanese noodle made out of Konjac (Devil’s Tongue in english) and are the best diet food around. Zero calories and no carbs, they are absolutely great for the pasta/noodle fanatic, but is not so keen on the calories. I bought a pack, quite cutely named Slim Pasta and I’m planning on trying it tomorrow. They are more jelly like than regular noodles/pasta, but if you are willing to give up a little texture for the satisfaction of eating pasta again. I will experiment and see  what they are like! Keep tuned in if you’d like to hear the results!

Keep on sparkling!