Lanys Links ~ Etsy Mug Edition!

by Lany

I love tea! I love coffee!
I am currently really hyper from too much coffee!!
This post is a collection of the coolest mugs I saw on Etsy recently and really really wish I could have…
If anyone feels like a they would like to surprise me…go right ahead ;D

  • If I had 65 dollars to spare for a mug…I  would totally splurge on this ceramic Cat Mug by houseofharriet
  • Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows! Show your love for Tobias with the help of PeachyApricot
  • Oh gosh, this one had me laughing, and since I’m easily amused probably will amuse me everytime I see it! Lionel by LennyMud

I’m off for another coffee! 😀

Hyper caffeine hugs!