Project GlitterNotGold: Part Deux: Quiltalong!

by Lany

Hey everyone!
So I don’t know how many people are thinking of following with this GlitterNotGold quiltalong but I had to put it on the back burner for a short while because of a lack of time!

I have chosen my fabrics for one side of the quilt top!

I love colour and patterns and busy prints, so I think this mix kinda picks up on my personality…well I like to think so anyway!

All the fabrics I chose are cotton and are of a similar weight (I think that if I use different weights that the heavier ones will pull apart from the lighter ones and tear apart the stitching, maybe I’m wrong?)

I have quite a stash of fabric and I’ve been letting it go unused because I was afraid that I’d mess up and not use it “properly”, so I’ve decided to ditch the fear and just go with it! Every mistake is just a lesson to be learned after all!

I was thinking that for this mix to really stand out that I should use a disappearing nine patch pattern that I found on Popular Patchwork. I think I want my squares to be around 5inches, I’m going to start cutting them out later on today!

For the back of the quilt I think I’ll also try to make that a patchwork side…what do you guys think?
I wanted to use {safieh}’s zigzag quilt pattern for one side as I have just fallen in love with it!

I have lots of fabrics that I only have enough of to make one stripe, so this would be a fabulous way to showcase some of my favourite fabrics and patterns!!

Would it be advisable to quilt through for two different patterns? What do you guys think?

I’m also nervous about the quilting part, I think I’d like to try machine quilting, but I believe I need to get a “walking” foot for my sewing machine? Does anyone have any suggestions for the best thing to do if its your first time quilting? 😀
I’m open to all suggestions!!

Super patterned hugs!