First Hello! (and it’s only VERY late)

by simtastikle

Hello glitterati!

It’s Simi here. I will not be surprised if you all look at this post in the most WTF manner, because it has been a couple of weeks since I joined the GNG team, and I am just getting around to posting now! I have a reason excuse, though! I’m working for the summer (a lot!) and when I get home I’m usually shattered. Yes, I am in an intimate relationship with my pillow…problem?

BUT! That will all change after this first post. I will try to update as regularly as I can with all things Simtastikle! I can actually let you know what I’ve planned for my upcoming  posts! I’m gonna be making gyoza soon, so expect a recipie and review on that! I’ve a few crochet projects that I’m working on and have finished along with some patterns that I adore and use all the time, a few fitness tips and diet talk, cause that’s (unfortuntaly) forever a part of my life and especially so this summer and just some random banter!

Also, it’s always best to leave you guys with something that you’ll remember, because otherwise this would just be a pretty normal blog post with nothing too out of the ordinary. So a little funny, nerdy and cute pic that I believe will appeal to the child (and geek) inside all of us.

So all that remains is to answer life’s most important question: What type of bees make milk?

Keep sparkling guys!