Nail Polish That Brightened Up My Week! (Review: Nail Lacquer)

by Lany

I got bored last week when it was super sunny, and went on a bit of a splurge with nail polish!
There was a three for two sale on in Superdrug and needless to say it helped alleviate some of the guilt of impulse buying!
The day was amazingly sunny, so I picked up a really nice looking GOSH nail lacquer  in a bright blue colour (#605 Blue Balloon) and decided I wanted to paint clouds on my nails so I went looking for a strong white to go over the top.
I found Barry M’s Matt White, which worked really well over the blue, completely covering the strong colour under it in one coat!
I also picked up Maybelline New York (MNY) my varnish in 264 ( a hot pink) and 749 (a really bright sunshiney yellow) and GOSH #541 Gasoline which is a really sparkly deep purple colour!
(I also picked up some others but I can’t find them right now!)

(I apologise for the pictures I thought I had taken more but I had repainted my nails by the time I saw I only had these two photos taken! I cleaned my nails up with some polish remover and some soap afterwards so that no varnish was on my skin!)

I really like the GOSH nail polish, it went on really smooth and it didn’t chip for 5 days, which is a record for me, as Rimmels 60 second express (the best varnish I had tried to date) had only lasted at max 3 days!
I am definitely going to try and pick up some more GOSH varnish, hopefully when there’s a promotion on!!

After I got bored of looking at clouds and flowers I decided to try out a new look when my friend came over for the afternoon last Sunday! (Big shoutout to Roisin over on her blog Slings and Arrows!)

And a better picture of the other nails!
I had no black varnish with me so I tried going around the outline of the spots with a black marker, which worked well until I put the coat of clear varnish on top and it turned the black pen a blue colour and made it run a bit!
Ah well! I’ll know for next time!

I used the nail inc base coat as the base, I then used Matt White as the base colour and dotted on the MNY colours that I bought (I got a blue in that series too!),I then outlined them with the marker as I described above, and I would not recommend marker for nail designs! 😀
Unless you’re looking for this effect!! Maybe with a red marker for blood on vampire teeth or something? Hmmm ideas!!

These are the Nail Inc Base and Top Coats that I was given as a present and use almost everytime I paint my nails (unless I’m in a hurry then I don’t bother with the base coat! And sometimes regret it when dark polish stains my nails!)

The MNY varnishes were really nice to apply, no clumps and the varnish remained true to the colour in the bottle when it was on your nail! (i.e. the yellow really was super bright when it went on- it needed two coats to be super bright but after one coat you couldn’t see the white background, and barely any of the blue background)
I think I will come back to this brand and pick up some more hot colours, like a bright orange and a teal!

This is the GOSH varnish that I used, and that has made me a GOSH nail varnish convert, I will definitely recommend this brand of polish as it’s both hard wearing and keeps it’s colour well! As has the Barry M one that I used, it had really good coverage and it was very heavily pigmented and didn’t even need a second coat, I have been impressed with both and will be buying these again!

In summary I’ve had a lot of fun with nail polish the past two weeks and plan to have more of the same soon!!

If you’ve done similar patterns or more elaborate designs I’d love to see some! Share in the comments 😀

Have a safe weekend!

P.S. it’s quite hard to take in focus photos (my camera you have to half hold down the photo button, and the press it fully so it finds the correct focus before taking the picture!) of your nails :C