IOD: Magnetic Nail Varnish

by Lany

It’s been a while since I had an item of the day! Todays item is Barry M’s magnetic nail varnish!!

I picked up a pot in burgundy for me , and a blue for my friend!

They’re really easy to use, simply put down the first layer, let it dry and then put on the second layer and immediately after doing each nail hover the magnetic cap over the top to create the effect! Each colour comes with a different cap that produces a different design 😀

The burgundy above creates an oblique striped pattern, and it came out REALLY well on my nails! It looks like I put a load of effort into them when I really haven’t!

My friend has yet to try the blue but it has an almost star shaped pattern and I’m really looking forward to seeing the result.

I may just have to pick up the other colours/caps in the range though as they all look petty fab!

I saw a similar magnetic polish by Nails Inc just before Christmas, but I was persuaded by my bank balance into not buying it! They have got a really fab looking Emerald green with a fishnet style magnet!I’m off now to lust over lots of other pretty polishes!

Have a fun day and do consider joining our Quilt-along!!
(It’s for pure beginners like us and hopefully some experienced quilters will be joining us for the ride!)

Lots hugs and magnetic patterns!!