Project GlitterNotGold! :D

by Lany

I had an idea…’s been brewing a while, and what it boils down to is this…..


Quilting is always something that I’ve wanted to do, and Sophie also has a quilt that she wants to make (although this idea is going to be a surprise for her too!) so I thought maybe by doing a quiltalong that we’d all get motivation from each other and some sense of “accountability” that would encourage us when we don’t feel particularly motivated to do some work! 😀

I haven’t picked a set pattern or anything, but I will by this time next week!, does anyone have any suggestions?! 😀
I was thinking possibly just a simple block pattern…or we could go for something much more adventurous for the first quilt? Like a pinwheel pattern? Or an attic window pattern?
I would link photos but I don’t want to steal anybodies pictures so I’ll just link to some example quilts I saw on some blogs:
Awesome block quilt on the lovely Kandras (of Kandra’s Corner) Blog!
Lovely ZigZag quilt on {safieh}’s Blog!
Cool Texas Star quilt on A-Ditchin-Time-Quilts!
Sample of a plain block quilt on amy a la mode!
Sample of a Pinwheel Quilt on a fatquarter website!
…and so many more if you just google quilt patterns!

Would you  like to work on a certain pattern together? Or would you rather try whatever you want to in whatever size you want to? 😀

I’m becoming more and more excited about this idea!!
I think tomorrow I’ll start looking for fabrics in my stash, I know Sophie wanted to make one out of clothes that she wanted to upcycle! Any kind of fabric you want to use would be fine with me, no need to spend a fortune, this is just a learning experience for most of us and it should be fun and result in something that we might actually use and be proud of!! 😀

Obviously this is just as equally for people who’ve made loads of quilts!
(In fact it would be awesome to have an experienced quilter to help us beginners!)

Let me know if you like the idea or if you think it could be good fun!