Office Humour ~ Or Some Of What I Find Funny

by Lany

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I Iaugh at most things in this world. Even when I’m panicking or really scared my first response is to laugh uncontrollably! I have many favourite comedians, comic writers and most films/tv shows I watch would be classified as comedy films.

One genre of humour that has tickled me more than most over the years has been office humour. I’m not sure when it all began, but one of the first newspaper strips I remember reading was Dilbert and eagerly waiting for the next days strip. It’s the mix of sarcastic/witty comments and the ridiculous situations/hilarious reactions that get me every time! Dilbert has an awesome mix of the absurb and the painfully real that a lot of us can relate to.

I also read and love GPF comics and more recently started PhD comics for precisely the same reasons!

More recently I’ve become addicted to the American version of The Office, (Ricky Gervias is just toooo cringey for my tastes), oh my gosh this series has me in stitches at least once an episode. I think most people would agree with me and the ongoing battle between Jim and Dwight is my favourite part of the show!

As my other half said recently he suffers second hand heart break from The Office, and I totally agree with him. The characters are just the right side of caricature; they’re still believable, you can feel empathy for them but there’s also an element of over the top-ness that you feel ok about laughing with/at their misfortunes and situations. I also like the fact that the characters break the fourth wall, they look to the camera, and there’s no need for a punch line, it’s all in the look, awesome.

A book I read a while ago Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris is based in a 90’s Chicago office, and its a great book; the characters, the situations, the feelings, all superbly conveyed and adding up to a brilliant read.

This was just a short post to ease me back into blog writing, I’ve been really busy the past while and haven’t had time to write anything even though I’ve had several ideas on what to post! 😀

Expect some project soon that I hope you guys will join me in, and encourage me to finish!

Lots o hugs,