Bank Holiday banking

by Sophie

I love baking for my family. It’s something that brings me a lot of joy. Baking is an activity which is very relaxing and it’s brilliant that others can enjoy the thing you created. As of late I haven’t had a huge amount of time to bake. My work has been busy and the kitchen in my current apartment is far to small to do any large amount of baking. So there’s very little I enjoy more than to go back to my family home and bake when I get there. It’s the place where I really found joy in baking. Also the kitchen is large and clean and there are always ingredients left over from the last time I was there. The most important thing though is that there are people around to eat the things I bake and enjoy them.

I went to visit my family with my boyfriend for the Easter bank holiday. Other members of my family were coming over for lunch on the Monday so I wanted to bake dessert. My grandma was over for dinner so I decided to bake something I wouldn’t normally make but something kind of traditional. I ended up making a peach and strawberry crumble, which I have to admit came out wonderfully. It wasn’t the most common of crumbles so it was interesting but the flavors worked really well together. I decided to give it a pie base so some of the juices in the fruit would soak into it. It seemed to be a big hit!


My younger cousins were also over for dinner and one of the things I remember as a child would be that when dessert was brought out at big family dinners it was often things like apple pie and crumbles and cheesecakes. All of these desserts I adore now but as a child I was always kind of disappointed that it wasn’t cake or cupcakes or something childish. So I decided to make butterfly cupcakes for my cousins. I made raspberry flavoured cupcakes and covered them in vanilla icing. I then sprinkled glitter on them as well. They were delightfully girly and rather delicious.

Happy hump day everyone! I hope the rest of your week goes well!