A Game of Thrones themed birthday!

by Sophie

Hey everyone! Sorry for being out of action last week. I got sick and then I went to Limerick to visit my wonderful boyfriend for his birthday. I had been trying to decide for ages what to make him for his birthday as I love doing handmade things for peoples birthdays. One of the book series he’s really into at the moment is the series A Song of Ice and Fire (Or A Game of Thrones depending on where you heard of it from first). I’m currently only one and a half books into the series right now so I didn’t know a huge amount about it. However one of my favorite things about the entire series are the direwolves! I really love the direwolves in the series and they’re just so cool. Also currently in the book series the Stark household are the only house who aren’t completely horrible in one way or another.  Of course I know that that doesn’t mean that the wont be but I gotta go with what I know! Anyway I decided to make a direwolf themed card for his birthday.

I’ve always liked papercrafts and stuff and I enjoy bold colours and geometric shapes so card making can be quite enjoyable for me. The only problem I have with it is that I tend to get slightly obsessive and can over complicate cards because I want to make them so perfect. I had to stop myself doing that with this card. But I also bought extra card and glue just incase. I wanted to be able to redo the whole thing again if needed.

I was trying to think of something funny to do on the card and it was kind of difficult because A Game of Thrones is such a serious series. One of the first things I did was google “A Game of Thrones birthday” and one of the first results was this gem, which I then sadly forgot to put in the card:

I don’t know! Anyway I was going to put that in the inside of the card and I forgot, which made me a little sad because the picture is just so silly.

Anyway moving swiftly on I decided on using one of the ending scenes from the series as a joke where Ghost the direwolf brings back a frozen hand happily to his owner. I tried a bow to it and made it so that he was bringing it as a birthday present. I found it quite amusing!

I made the card in 3 rectangular layers with the hand and the wolf sitting on the top. All together I really liked how the card came out. It was really simple and the colours worked very well and it ended up being a little silly, which is always good.

I ended up getting a black envelope as well and because I was getting into the whole thing I ended up decorating that as well. I cut out a direwolf seal in both red and black and put them on the envelope, one on the front and one on the back.

So when I cut these direwolves out they ended up leaving really cool silhouettes on the card so I decided to use them as well. I made two little direwolf card thingies and a bookmark. I game the cut out one to my boyfriend in his card and kept the rest for myself. This is what happens when I buy extra caaaard!

I also ended up making him A Game of Thrones themed birthday cake. I made him a red velvet cake and then used rolling icing to make the top look like the Stark direwolf on the flag. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. More importantly the birthday boy thought it was really cool and wouldn’t let me cut it until a day later when there was more people there to see it!



I also got him an Iron Man tshirt that glows when you turn on a battery. It’s the ultimate in geeky! 8D All together I think he was very happy with the gifts and I had a hell of a lot of fun making them!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Hopefully we’ll be back to normal schedule’s soon! 8D