Quick tip: Home-made remedies for damaged hair!

by danaslilmakeup

We all know that hair can be one of the most (if not THE MOST important) physical features in a woman; not only to be attractive to the guys, but only for personal hygiene and to feel good with ourselves!

It is also true that most of the hair care treatments are quite expensive and not always are good. In that sense, I have tried home-made hair care remedies that even if they are a bit slow, they give really nice and successful results!

MAYONNAISE  & OLIVE OIL (for damaged hair thanks to straighteners, hair driers, and bleaching)

This really depends of how bad is your hair. Think for a sec and in a scale from 1 to 10 how bad is your hair?…….. think….. If your answer was beyond 7, then, is damaged but it has remedy, if the score is lower than 7, then, girl…. there is a lot of work to do!

Most of times we only get split ends thanks to hair dyes, hair driers or straighteners, teasing it quite often; but constant bleaching and even hormonal changes that are just an everyday issue for us, can damage our hair and it is true that sometimes we just don’t care about it before doing anything to our poor hair.

Truth is that a good trim is the first step in the process to save your hair. After that, if you had a score above 7 then this is for you:

Olive Oil:

All you need is extra virgin olive oil and some gloves (if you don’t want to have the oil all over your hands). And you hair must be ‘dirty’ like you don’t have to wash it for at least one day before you do this.

Take the olive oil and pour some good bit in a little pot, comb your hair and section it in medium size chunks and hold them with some pins. Take one chunk and rub the oil, starting half way towards the tips of your hair. make sure to emphasize and soak very well the ends, and repeat this procedure in all sections of your hair, but remember you MUST not touch the roots 😉

Olive Oil + Mayonnaise



This is for really damaged hair, but is also something very simple to do. Pour the olive oil and a spoon of mayo (depending of how long is your hair will be one or two spoons) and mix them until they blend together. Then, same thing, section your hair and apply the mixture starting half way then towards the ends.

Both procedures must be done with at least 3 hours before you wash your hair, so your hair gets to absorb the oil and the mayo very well and gets the moisture it needs to be healthy bit by bit 😉

For the first procedure, doing it once every two weeks is fine, as for the second procedure, once a week is the option, BUT! remember you really have to wash very well your hair afterwards and apply conditioner, let it rest from any damaging agent for at least a day or two.

I did this in my own hair which was really damaged and worked very well after a month of treatment. But yeah, if your hair is in extremely bad conditions go and ask for a hair dresser’s opinion and he or she will know what’s best for your hair.

Hope this works for you and if you have any question, just leave it in the comments!

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!

Dana xx