Blargh Baking! (Or The Nigel Cake)

by Lany

Hey you guys,

Wednesday was my boyfriends birthday so I decided to make him the most awesome cake I could think of….

Meet Nigel! =3

He’s a super delicious chocolate fudge cake, light enough to enjoy and still actually taste like chocolate!!

My other half loves the Nigel meme, and he loved this cake!!

I always think birthday cakes should have a happy birthday somewhere on them….

I used ready roll icing for this cake, while I enjoy making icing and trying different frostings, I needed this to have a smooth surface to work with.

I got the orange ready roll icing in Allens in Limerick, the white from the local supermarket and Sophie gave me the peachy one and the amazing sparkly black outline icing from a speciality store in Dublin!

All the cupcakes are vanilla flavoured, the ones with the chocolate frosting are plain and the coloured rainbow cupcakes are a batch I experimented with!
I made the plain vanilla cupcake mix and spilt it up into four bowls. As I only had three colours, I decided to have one each of red blue and green and the plain batter colour. I then filled the paper cases (light pink with white polka dots squeee~also from Allens) with spoonfuls from each bowl, in different orders to get different patterns in the cupcakes! They were a success although my housemates were not eager to try them, especially after my delicious pea muffin adventures! (The pea muffins were really tasty and amazing and everyone thought so until I told them what was in it! Sometimes the less you know!)

Altogether the whole day was a SMASHING success! πŸ˜€
Everyone take care and BLARGAHAGH!

Hugs and cupcakes!


PS If anyone wants the recipe, just let me know in the comments! He was most delicious!