Lanys Linkage Special: Tea Tea Tea!!

by Lany

Being Irish I have strong feelings about tea!
Tea is, was and will be a constant in my life and in my families life.

Tea for me, is a comforting presence. No matter where I am it reminds me of being at home; sitting in the kitchen with my family, everyone drinking a cup of tea and the conversation flowing. Tea was there when my birthday came, tea was there when my grandad passed away, tea was there when I moved away, tea was there when I felt pressured at work. It’s been a constant in my life! In fact as I write this there’s a cup filled with raspberry and mint tea brewing in front of me!

So I declare this post a homage to tea! All kinds of tea! Plain black, milky sugary tea, green teas, white teas and the myriad of different flavours to be found!

I will publicly admit it: I LOVE TEA!

I also love the paraphernalia associated with tea! Tea cups, teapots, tea cosies, tea strainers, tea canisters….hence an extra special edition of Lany’s Linkage!

Have a good day you guys!!

Hugs and cuppas,