Jean Paul Gaultier, Tribute to Trash Diva of Soul.

by danaslilmakeup

Music has always been inspiration for many many different kinds of people, from any status and ages, it has a very strong power over those who listen to it, it can inspire happiness, loneliness, melancholy, excitement, sensuality, passion, hate… love.

And this fashion collection is a beautiful proof of that statement. Jean Paul Gaultier, one of the most famous and brilliant fashion designers, decided to dedicate his Spring/Summer collection of this year during the Fashion Week in Paris, to one of the most controversial, talented and unique icons in the history of music: Amy Winehouse.

As we all know, Amy died last year victim of drugs and in very sad conditions. But her music never died and until now, her fans still remember her as one of the best voices the UK has given to the world, as some of them call her: The Trash Diva of Soul.

This time Jean Paul, took Amy’s crazy and pin-up-ish style; to recreate something unique, colourful and full of funky and yet elegant outfits that play with glitter and textures that, in his own words are “strongly influenced by the 50’s and 70’s style, never leaving aside the contemporary touch”

Following the trend this year, his creations go from amazing and huge dresses in colours like coral, yellow, baby and royal blue, lime green, hot pink, to very sexy and tight leggings, skinny dresses, boleros, and blouses in more sober colours like black, red, cream and grey with his personal touch, which, for his luck, always remind us Amy’s style!


Another thing to look is the shoes! Homigosh! They are so unique and beautiful, the high ‘invisible’ heels were such a very clever and original element in his designs for this season!

I'd die for these babies!! ❤

From sandals to boots, all of them are colourful and really amazing! And if this wasn’t enough, we could see the models wearing stockings with tattoo patterns which made the whole thing look like really into this chic rock n’ roll style.

Even the makeup was Amy inspired, with her typical ‘pin up’ and thick eyeliner, and never leaving behind her upper lip piercing a la Marilyn Monroe. The funny thing to notice was that every single model was wearing a different wig with crazy colours and always combed in the typical Amy’s style, a lot of teasing and this edgy kinda grungy look, I think that was the cherry on top of the cake!

In short, Jean Paul Gaultier gives us one of his bests collections, not only for this tribute to Amy Winehouse, but for the beautiful creations he made, amazing colours and the best music to inspire us.

Amy was a fashion icon, my tribute spots at her like no fashion magazine did when she was alive.

Jean Paul Gaultier.


Dana xx