A look into lolita fashion

by Sophie

I am a girly girl. I always have been and I always will be. I love everything girly. Pretty dresses, make up and all the fun stuff that comes with that. When I was younger and started to get into things like programming and computers there seemed to be this issue of excluding women who dresses girly from the group because they couldn’t like it. After all they were just too girly! Luckily this seems to have faded a large amount over the past few years. By now though I have grown very accustomed to wearing jeans and a tshirt. The typical student uniform. I also work in an IT company which mostly consists of men. It also has a casual dress code. To put it bluntly my student uniform has not transitioned into anything else. I spend 5 days a week in jeans and a tshirt.

In  very stark contrast I also love lolita fashion and have a few lolita dresses. These are very girly and poofy and often very frilly and I love them so very much. I had been into lolita fashion for years before I had even decided to try it out myself. It is both a very difficult fashion to pull off and very, very expensive. Most dresses cost well over 100 euro and those would be the very cheapest. One of the other very large problems with lolita fashion is that it is not made for western women generally. All of the most famous designer boutiques are from Japan and have Japanese sizes.  This means that a lot of the dresses either do not fit or do not suit western women. We’re simply too big and too busty and often too tall. I’m a small UK size 12 and have a 28″ waist and many of the lolita dresses would not fit me.

There are a lot of rules that go with the culture of lolita fashion. These rules are mostly taken from how the fashion is worn in Japan. There are rules like the dress shouldn’t be more than two inches above your knee because it means that you’re too tall and that you should always wear a blouse under a jumper skirt. Most of the rules are to do with modesty, which is what a lot of the lolita fashion is based on. It’s about wearing pretty dresses and not showing skin. Lolita fashion is not supposed to be a sexy fashion but rather an elegant and girly one. However because of the very name of the fashion it is often taken wrongly as some form of age play, fetish or some people would go as far as pedophilia. This is not the intention of the fashion or the people who wear it.

In regards to the rules of lolita that exist depending on the group you’re a member of you can treated very harshy for breaking them. Because of the nature of the fashion people who dress in lolita often create groups and do lolita meet ups. These meet ups are usually something that would be considered lady like, like going to a museum or going for afternoon tea. These can be great because you can meet others who are interested in the fashion and lifestyle. Like with any other community though there is a lot of drama in lolita communities. Women can me ridiculed for not wearing the fashion correctly, not being pretty enough, not being able to afford brand names and so forth. This is where the community can get really nasty and can often seem very unfriendly to newcomers. However if you’re lucky enough to find a wonderful group of fellow lolitas the fashion becomes more than a fashion, it becomes a community.

There are loads and loads of resources for people who are interested in lolita fashion and there’s a large lolita community on livejournal. For anyone who’s interested to try it my advice would be to dive right in there! Often people will tell you that you’re not wearing the fashion correctly but, in my opinion, you simply can’t wear it incorrectly. It’s a fashion and no matter what you have to tune it to your own style. I always break one of the most basic rules. I never, ever wear a blouse with a jsk and the reason is simple. I’m quite busty and if I wear a blouse it makes me look huge. If I don’t wear one I look much better so I just don’t wear one. Don’t be scared of the fashion.

There are many, many different styles of lolita including classic, sweet, gothic, punk and country. Dive in and have fun with it until you find a style that’s perfect for you! I’ll probably write another blogpost at somepoint going into more detail about the fashion but for now those were some of my thoughts on one of my favorite fashions!

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