Spring Is In The Air!

by Lany

….every sight and every sound! Darn song’s gotten stuck in my head!

This fabulous weather is making everyone much more cheery and active! It’s also responsible for the bright shafts of sunlight that filter in through my windows, and highlight all the dust on my shelves and in my head!

It’s a good thing that the sun also makes me feel more energetic, you all know where this is heading! It’s that time of year again…

Spring Cleaning!!


Not just spring cleaning of the living space but of the mind too!

You know that feeling of dread or anxiety when you’ve been putting something off for a long time,  because you’ve been too busy or depressed to even care?  It just feels so nice to get right to it and tear into that mess that’s been accumulating for the past while whether that mess is a physical or metaphysical problem!

Projects, deadlines, accounts, bills all these worries and much, much more eat away at us on the inside. They mostly do this because we ignore them and try to pretend that they don’t exist!
This year for spring cleaning I will get out a pen and paper and actually put it down what I’m worried about and what causes the worry. I’m going to sit down and give myself the time to actually focus on each problem and see how they interact, and try to figure out how they can be solved or tackled.

It’s going to be helpful I think, it’ll give me a new perspective on life and hopefully make me happier and a more relaxed person. I enjoy life as it is, but I think that without constantly thinking about small worries that I’ve been putting off thinking about properly that I’ll become even happier with life!

Putting off sorting out small worries can lead to bigger ones cropping up, and really crippling your mind.

We’ve all done it, we’re all going to do it again, but I think that it’s important to stand up and admit to being afraid or being too lazy to face a worry.

We’ve all let worries go too far and evolve into problems, sometimes Problems with a capital P, they become so bad that we begin to obsess about them, without ever really doing anything to stop them.

Standing up, facing the problem, owning problem and seeing it for what it really is a scary prospect.

Sometimes it requires us to admit to being wrong, or admit to being lazy or worse, negligent. It forces us to look at ourselves and our behaviours critically, which is never a fun thing to do, but it is most definitely a good thing to do.

Occasionally problems arise and we have to ask for help; sometimes we let pride or stubbornness get in the way of  actually reaching out for the aid we need, other times we feel like there is no-one out there who can or would want to help, but there is, there’s always someone, if not a friend or family member then an organisation or a online support forum, there is always someone who can help you. Just simply admitting that you need help relieves a lot of stress and worry.

I think that if we begin by cleaning our metal space, we give ourselves the ability to let happiness take over again. That by not focusing on the worries because we’ve conquered them, or at the very least made then more manageable our mind is free to dwell on happier, more enjoyable thoughts.

Speaking of being unhappy and worried I don’t know about you guys but when my room is messy or disorganised I feel so incredibly unhappy and sad looking at -and living in- it.

For me, cleaning my room is  just as mentally freeing as talking about situations with close friends, that is to say, amazingly helpful and very good for the soul! When my room is clean and organised (not very precise organisation mind you, too rigidly clean and I feel stressed too) I feel a lot happier and calmer about life in general.

Does anyone else feel like this? I can’t be the only one! You guys….anyone?

I like start at one side of my room and work to the other side, going top to bottom, bunging everything off my shelves or presses and dusting then sorting and reorganising as I go, taking the rubbish and recyclables with me as I work towards the door…but others work in more sophisticated ways than I, and there’s probably thousands of guides on the internet and in magazines that have brilliant ideas for methodically cleaning everything!

So I’m off to bang on those choons, bust out my “cleaning clothes”, shake off the cobwebs, wiggle my booty and clean, clean, clean!