A little bit of artwork!

by Sophie

Hey everyone!

I hope where ever you guys are reading from the weather is just as amazing as it has been in Dublin! The sun is shining and the Irish people have migrated to parks because of how little we actually see the sun. Weather like this always puts me in an amazing mood. I love the outside, even if I don’t go out as much as I should. More importantly it always helps my creative juices. It’s strange but after I go into the sun I always feel both happier and more creative. So it was because of this amazing weather I could actually do some drawing again. I haven’t really been able to draw in quite some time. I’ve been to busy and just didn’t feel like drawing. When the weather gets like this though my art block disappears and I was to draw constantly! It’s a nice feeling.

Anyway I spent the weekend drawing and reading in the park and then colouring on my laptop very late into the night. One of the pieces I did I’ve been working on for a really, really long time and I couldn’t convince myself to finish it. Even now I look back onto it and I’m still not all that happy with it. But I had been working on it so long that I just would never be happy with it. So it’s finished and I like it.

It’s based on the story of Persephone, one of my favourite Greek myths. I was trying to do it in a very “art nouveau” style but sadly I couldn’t really make it look how I wanted. It always ended up quite flat. However I’m quite happy with the character of Persephone in it as I tried to take a step away from very stylised characters.

The second drawing I finished over the weekend was far more fun. It was mostly done to play around with and test my Inkling and I’m really happy with how it came out. One of the things I’m usually super careful with is my linework. I get very pedantic about it and I hate when even a single line is out of place. However when I uploaded the lineart from this work it was quite scribbly and unfinished and…I really liked it. It was much more free than some of my other work. So instead of trying to clean up the lines to make them perfect I just started colouring it. I gave myself a rule that I could only use on photoshop layer and one kind of brush. It was fun and really freeing and to be honest I’m delighted by the result.


So one of the big lessons I learned over the weekend in regards to drawing and my work is to stop being so pedantic about it. It ruins the fun of drawing and I spend far to much time trying to make it look perfect and less time doing what I should be doing, experimenting with different styles and different brushes and just having fun!

I hope everyone has a great week and I hope the weather stays as amazing as it is this morning!