Lanys Linkage!

by Lany


Just random things that have made me smile the past week!

  • Picnic baskets and fabulous blankets! Have really been enjoying the sunshine the last few days, and can’t wait to get outside and enjoy more of the summer!!
  • Fabulous cushions! A birdcage and flamingo cushions caught my eye the other day! So pretty!!
  • Wool shopping makes me happy went to Lenas in Limerick and This Is Knit in Dublin….so many pretties…so many pretties…. I just love the feeling of wool and fabric!
  • This webcomic! (Which I was introduced to earlier this month!)
  • And this one! (Which is a long time favourite of mine!!)
  • And this one!! (years of following and it still makes me laugh!) 😀
  • Oh and this one!!! (Seriously an hilarious update EVERYDAY!!)
  • These patterns!! Seriously pretty and summer like!
  • Bright fresh colours together!
  • Bunnies!!!
  • Apple tarts!

There was a lot more but that’s the top few that come to mind! 😀
Hope you’re all enjoying your day!