Crochet and Embroidery Fun

by Lany

Just a little peek into some crafts I’ve whipped up the past few weeks.

Debbie Bliss Alpaca wool (expensive but soooo worth it) it’s super soft and really warm. The slipper on the right is flat and the one on the left has the toe stuffed. The tail is created with scraps of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and the mane with felt from ebay seller Paper&String. I had a lot of fun making these! Keep you eyes peeled for a tutorial on these when I have time to make a second pair! 😀

 I’ve also been making a hat interpretation of Drifloon! It’s a creepy cute pokemon that looks like a purple balloon with tentacles ending in heart shapes, that grab children and the children are never seen again!! They do make cute hats however…..

He was made with  Tivoli Frosty, it’s a really cosy fleece type yarn, it’s not ideal, as I believe it’s actually made from fleece strips, so like T-Shirt yarn it has lots of joins, and by join I mean two strips just tied together, or in some cases “fused” together. This is not ideal, and while it’s manageable for hats and I would imagine other accessories such as scarves and bags (and possibly mittens) it would not be great yarn to use while knitting or creating larger pieces such as cardigans or jumpers where smoothness is desired.

Super cute!! Here he is looking for new victims!

I’ve also finally gotten out my sewing gear! Just a four inch embroidery hoop and some embroidery thread (or floss if you prefer!). I saw this “infinite love” tattoo around the place and I really liked the look of it! Instead of going for something as drastic as a tattoo I went for a slightly less permanent option, and embroidered it onto two layers of cotton fabric. The main stitch used is backstitch and the thicker part of the loop is filled in with satin stitch, which is time consuming but fun to do!

I embroidered the infinite loop and then decided that instead of centering it I’d move the hoop and bring the embroidered piece to the upper side, and sew a simple backstitched heart slightly off centre towards the bottom right. I then cut out the top layer of he heart to expose the underlying white fabric. I think I’d like to name this anti-applique?! I didn’t know what to expect but I really like this technique, and since this was my first time trying something like this, I’ve gained confidence to try it with bigger pieces!

I hope you enjoyed this little update! 🙂