Item of the day: IOD

by Lany

Hey you guys,
Item of the day is going to be an irregular update that highlights something that I am grateful for.

Today I am enjoying BUBBLES!!!

They bring me right back to my childhood, playing in the garden with my sister; running around chasing them across the freshly cut grass, blowing them towards kittens and our dog and watching them get hooked on popping them! Just blowing bubbles and watching them drift across the front of the house during long lazy summer and autumn days….it just makes me so happy to remember these things!

Love their smell, so clean and magical! Trying to replicate the ready mixes with fairy washing up liquid, watching your fingers get all wrinkly from being dipped into the sudsy water! Is there anything better than bubble battles with siblings!? One day in particular because we were stuck indoors when it was rainy and mom arriving into the play room with a big basin of bubble mix and just sitting with her and my little sister for hours watching the delicate little globes bounce around the room and popping them on our eyelashes~ and then dad joining us when he got back from work and just feeling so happy!

I’m essentially a big kid and will always continue to love playing with bubbles; as an adult watching the colours dance around the surface, relaxing with people I care about, being nobody else but me and feeling just content and glad to be alive; being able to appreciate the moment is one of the simplest pleasure one can have in life!

This day is dedicated to feelings of wonder and happiness, to pure unadulterated joy and to celebrating you inner (forever-on-summer-holidays) child!

I hope you guys all have something in your life that brings you joy!

If you feel like sharing the love let us know what it is that makes you happy 🙂
It probably makes us happy too!

Peace and all good things,


P.S. I found this link! GIANT BUBBLES! For ginormous amounts of happiness!?  I’m in!
(also can’t help but feel happy that this site also mentions the science behind bubbles!)


P.P.S Make ANTIBUBBLES!! For those unsatisfied with regular bubbles!

*so excite*

Do something nice with your mother today 🙂
Doesn’t have to be fancy, just make nice memories, and enjoy the day 🙂