IN-Glot or OUT-Glot (a Review)

by danaslilmakeup

Friday, oh dang! how I love Fridays!

And today I will post about something that I really fell in love with: INGLOT COSMETICS!

Inglot is not new but in my country (Mexico) it arrived a couple of months ago and I can only say: PRICE, QUALITY AND AMAZING SYSTEM.

The have the most gorgeous colours, matte, satin, shimmer, pretty much everything! beautiful pigments and highlighters, nail varnishes, brushes, pretty much ALL we, girls, want…….. beauty in every corner!

They have this ‘Freedom System” in which you can pick all the colours you want and personalize your own palette! they have palettes from 2 to 20 eye shadows and also there are palettes in which you can select 3 eye shadows and one blusher or highlighter and all comes in one palette! 😀 And this is not only for eyeshadows! you can also do the same with lipstick palettes and blushers!

The palettes are super practical as they have little magnets in the corners and the hold very well the palette so you don’t have to worry about your eyeshadows to drop, they also stick to other inglot palettes and you can make towers of palettes which is pretty handy.

I recently got the 20 eye shadow palette with 4 eye shadows (in the pics you see 3 because accidentally, the lady that attended us, myself and my friend, gave my  fourth eye shadow (a lovely satin shade of purple) to my friend and we haven’t had the time to meet and get my eye shadow back :P) and the best is this, you are not forced to get a palette and fill it in that moment, you can take even the palette alone and is perfectly fine! I loved this system and I plan on fill in my palette very soon!

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and very bright! The only ‘bad thing’ I can probably say is that they tend to fall everywhere, so if you are using these eyeshadows, better do your foundation afterwards or use some loose powder under your eyes, so any fall out will be stuck in the powder and you can remove it later 😉

So, my conclusion: IN!  Inglot offers high quality products to very reasonable and affordable prices and, to me, the BEST freedom system to customize your purchases, and for any makeup geek and makeup artist, that is a huge YES.

Have an amazing St. Patrick’s Day! 😀

Dana xx