Quick Craft Thursday: A super quick crochet hat!

by Sophie

Sooooo it’s Quick Craft Thursday. I was debating whether to write a blog post about this little hat since I did a post about knitting on Monday…but I just love this hat so damn much.

This hat, like a lot of my projects, came of the love for a certain type of wool. This wool is beautiful. It’s multicoloured purples, oranges and yellows and is very autumnie. I saw this wool in This Is Knit and I knew that I wanted it but I didn’t know what I was going to make out of it. So I bought it and I brought it home. This was back when I was still a crocheting newbie and was afraid of complicated patterns (although I still am a few months later).

I was walking home from work one day and I saw a girl wearing a hat that I loved. It looked like it was crocheted and it looked simple enough but I didn’t know how she did it but I really, really liked it. I followed her for a little bit (I know right?) and kind of came up with an idea of how I would be able to make it. Luckily she was walking the same way as where I lived so I didn’t have much of a detour to go home!

When I got home I had formulated a plan on what I wanted to make and how I was going to make it. I got my crochet hook and my beautiful wool and started. The format was very similar to creating a granny square but I think I added an extra “corner” so it ended up being a circle rather than a square. I kept expanding it until I thought it was big enough, adding an extra corner every time. I then did about two rows on the width before changing to remove two “corners” every row until it was small enough to fit my head. The I threaded a yellow bow through and I was done. I also sewed a button that had come extra on one of my favorite cardigans onto the bow to make it perfect.


All together this hat took me less than 5 hours to make and I’m so happy with it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful hump day!