Lanys Linkage ~ Craft Special

by Lany


I have been into art and craft all my life, my Mum and Grandmother are brilliant at knitting and crochet and my Dad is no novice with a needle and thread!
This is just a brief roundup of craft websites that I lurk on/lurked but now participate in.

  • ~ I love this site, filled with awesome tutorials and great tips and SUCH a friendly atmosphere, I have never come across a troll there!! I cannot recommend this site enough!
  • Feeling Stitchy ~ I adore this sewing blog, it’s basically sewing pron! The bloggers round up their favourites from flicker and instagram and have created an actual sewing haven, again the community of people who comment are super nice and supportive! They also feature interviews from sewing artists, and it’s always a pleasure to head on over and catch up!
  • Etsy ~ this is like a handmade ebay, ok some people charge ridiculous prices, but most don’t and I just love browsing it for inspiration and ideas for gifts and projects!
  • CutOutAndKeep ~ This is basically a big tutorial website, with lots of great ideas and a wonderful inspiration when you’re feeling less than creative!
  • Ravelry ~ It’s free to sign up and a lot of patterns are free on the site, and those that aren’t are reasonably priced and sold directly by the maker of the pattern! I heart this site so much!
  • Instructables ~ I love the video tutorials on this site! They are so informative without over informing! And they have a great variety of different crafts and projects that it’s really inspiring.
  • Sewmamasew ~ This is a sewing blog/site, I really like its layout and the tutorials and projects they host! I just adore the fabric too, and if I had a lot of freedom with money…I know where it would go!


That’s it for the general websites that I love to visit,(I left out Pinterest, but that’s because I couldn’t pick one board in particular I love!) and all of them have free patterns and great tutorials provided my members/users.

I have a LOOOOT of personal craft blogs (over sixty!) from all disciplines, that I like to visit and get inspiration from, and also a lot of websites/vendors whom I buy craft supplies from!

Let me know if you enjoyed these links and if you spot anything you really want to try on any of them!

Also please let me know if you want me to make a few link posts about some of my favourite craft bloggers and shops!

I have a nice surprise (kinda) post coming soon, that I hope at least some of you will enjoy 😀

Hugs and crafty love,