The Erotic Bakers Have Arrived!

by Lany

I had so many alternative titles, that were loaded with puns, that my head almost melted from the innuendo overload!

This story begins, as most do, with a carnal desire to bake.

Sophie and I, along with several friends went to Max’s birthday party last Saturday, and decided that as a present we would bequeath him a specific type of birthday cake. Brace yourselves people, for I am talking about giant boob cake!

You kinda had to be there to understand how funny we found making these!

The kitchen smelled D-I-V-I-N-E as all of the cakes exited the oven!
In total we used over 20 eggs to make these cakes! And soooo much sugar and butter! Not to mention what went into the icing!!

We spent the best portion of the day making cakes and letting them cool enough so we could stack and ice them.

It was almost time to leave when we put the >ahem< finishing touches to the cakes, i.e. the super perky nipples 😀

We had white buttons, mini marshmallows and pink icing left over, and after ingesting as much sugar as we had it, seemed like a brilliant idea to make nipple nibbles!!

Max really enjoyed the cake, I’m really glad to say! 😀
Here he is getting a handful!


I wish I could bottle the fun we had on Saturday, the innuendos (“make the icing stiff Sophie!”) and the puns, it was the breast of fun!
(Aw c’mon I HAD to slip at least one in!)

Please feel free to comment, let us know if you found it titillating!
(Ok! I promise, last one.)

Hugs and vanilla scented cookies!