The ultimate winter scarf!

by Sophie

So I love scarves. I always have. They can help make an outfit look amazing and are also so useful to keep your neck warm. Being warm is vital to me. I’m a cold, cold person. I complain about being cold about 70% of the time. I have very poor circulation. This has plagued me for most of my life and this is why scarves are a practical godsend to someone like me. I can pretend that the scarf is simply an accessory and not something that will prevent me from freezing to death.

So I’ve been trying to find the perfect scarf and I’ve owned many of them in the past. A lot of them have simply been lost over time. I’ve been determined to find the perfect scarf and the suddenly the snoods came into fashion and I thought they were the best thing ever! In Ireland when it’s cold there is also loads of wind! This means that often scarves have to be tucked very carefully into jackets so they don’t blow away. But snoods! Snoods solve all of these problems! So I was searching and searching for a snood and then suddenly, they all seemed to disappear from stores. If I could find them they just weren’t to my taste. I’m quite picky with certain things.

So I had given up for a while and  I started going through my knitting craze (which is ongoing).  I was browsing Ravelry one day and I saw it! The most perfect scarf/snood ever. It was super huge, super chunky and just perfect. I fell in love with the pattern. Sadly though, it was coming close to Christmas time so I had to hold off on making my scarf until all of my Christmas presents were made. In the end I made eight cowls and a single scarf and I thought I would never want to knit again. But the perfect scarf was calling me and I wanted it.

I went into This is Knit, where I buy all of my wool, and bought the most beautiful pink gradient wool! The wool was expensive but worth every penny. In January I finally got to start on my beauty and boy did it take a long time!  The scarf took me the entire month of January to make. It took so long because of a mixture of knitting exhaustion from all the Christmas presents and because the scarf is so long. The scarf is make in two parts and then sewn together at the end.

The scarf was worth the amount of time it took though! I’m so happy with it and I’ve been complimented numerous times, both by friends and by strangers. The colour of the scarf is different from anything you’d be able to find in shops! The only problem I have with it is that the wool is kind of furry, which means that the scarf is sort of itchy to wear. However it mostly is worn over lots of other layers though so it’s not a huge deal. The scarf wraps around twice to three times and is amazingly warm. I’m so happy with it!

The link to the scarf pattern can be found here:

The Stockholm Scarf

and the creators blog can be found here:

Knitted Bliss

I would highly recommend this project. There are a few crazy stitches in the pattern though so I wouldn’t recommend it for complete beginner knitters. The pattern is easy to remember though as it’s the same four lines repeated over and over. I’m delighted by the result and if it’s a stylish and cosy scarf you’d like to make then go for this pattern!