Random Plus Size Love!

by Lany

So of the three ladies, I’m the plus sized gal! (…there’s always the one!)

Now, I refuse to be dragged into a size debate or whatever, I am what I am at the moment and nothing any internet stranger can say can change that fact.
Now whatever side of the line you stand on, whether you believe that plus size fatties should be blacklisted and rounded up and exterminated or if you believe that they should be upheld as goddesses; plus sized women need to be clothed!! It is a simple fact of life, and if you are fat like me, it is a difficult situation to be in.

Now we know that women of all shapes and sizes carry their weight differently; some on their asses, some on their hips, others the bust or thighs…the list goes on. The only problem with this is while slim women have a variety of clothing choices from which to pick the outfits that compliment their figures the best, heavy women are given a “plus size fits all” solution. If it’s not a simpson-esque muumuu it’s either too tight or grabs you in all the wrong places.

Now I’m not a stylish person, my day to day clothing involves a lot of t-shirts and jeans, with hoodies or cardigans over…I’m not exactly going to earn fashionista of the year anytime soon! However I do keep an eye on fashion trends and if I had the money, I would be out there gracing the handful of stores that I can actually shop in, without being reduced to a wailing mess in the changing rooms.

So without further ado here are a few of the beauties that caught my eye in the past week!
Warning: highly biased clothing choices based on my own tastes! ūüėÄ

I love graphic tees~ some of my recent favourites include:

This super cute Panda t-shirt from the Inspire range at New Look. I really like this range, they don’t falsely assume that plus size means a slim woman with a boob job!
Also they are fairly priced, i.e. not ten times the price of regular clothes, and the quality is quite good and what one would expect from such a brand.

This Hello Kitty (I’m a bit of a sucker for hello kitty goods) top had me at hello!
It’s by Faith 21, Forever 21’s plus size brand, which I have never bought from, but have tried on some of their pieces in their shop in Dublin, the sizes on their website are very accurate and a great guideline for people considering their items.

Dorothy Perkins makes gorgeous clothes that go up to a UK size 22, and I am officially in love with this zebra top!! Having worn clothes from Dorothy Perkins before I can report that I was satisfied with both their sizing and the quality.

John Rochas collection in Debenhams houses many gems (also to a size UK 22), one of which caught my eye the other week, this black¬†dandelion¬†patterned gypsy top, it’s super soft and quite affordable!

Also worth mentioning is this fab jumper that I want immediately!!
It’s yet another piece from the Inspire range at New Look.

Dresses have also been creeping up my radar, despite disliking my legs (and if I’m honest most of my body) for most of my life, I have decided to embrace the fact that I can wear whatever the hell I want (within reason)!

DIS, I WANT DIS*! *Swallow print dress~I love the print, I love the colour scheme and I love the fit of Inspires dresses!

I also want…..

This¬†Grecian¬†style dress; It’s not over pleated (so you look like a busty¬†accordion) nor under pleated (so that when you sit down the pleats are straining over your skin)

Forever 21 inject some colour into plus size with this super cheery paisley print dress which I am slowly starting to lust after!

Dorothy Perkins again deliver in this pretty charcoal midi dress, I like it’s simple clean lines!

I don’t think any gal, plus size or otherwise would pass up the opportunity to get cheap as chips jeans!

This is the Inspire range yet again, a nice pair of boot cut jeans for under 15, who could say no!

If you’re lucky enough to have great legs then they also have awesome high¬†waist shorts¬†to show off yer pins!

For the slimmer plus sized among us A|Wear and most high street shops go to a size 18 now, and I particularly like this heart print top.

For toppings, last year I bought a cardigan from Inspire and haven’t worn another cardigan since! It has been in the wash more times than I can count and it still has kept its colour and shape, so from personal experience I would highly recommend picking yourself up an Inspire cardigan, much like this one.

¬†It’s a¬†longline cardigan, which is useful if you hate tops and jackets that stop halfway down your backside!

For the final roundup accessories! (which are for all sizes!!)

This super pretty Peacock brooch from Forever 21 is pretty sweet! It would look great nestled in a scarf, while technically it may be mid-spring, it is freezing here!!

Mantaray (OHMYGOSH one of my favourite brands, their material is always so soft and amazing and they donate some of their profit to charity!) >ahem< have amazing bags and purses but this one called out to me! It’s a delightful whimsical butterfly purse!

Anyone who knows me knows I carry the kitchen sink around in my bag, so when I spot bags like this TopShop washed leather one, with gazillions (ok not literally) of pockets I tend to snap them up!

And last but not least….
I haven’t bought from ASOS but they seem to be a staple amongst plus size bloggers, so one day when I get some moolah together I may go on a spree! In the meantime this mouse bag is just too cute! I don’t think I would buy it though, I would like to try my hand at making a bag like this one…which I may do shortly so keep an eye out for a tutorial/crafting hindsight blog from me soon! ūüėÄ

Fashion inspired hugging!